The Error of Kodi Openload and The Solutions to Fix It at Olpair. Com

This is Vince from MTL free TV. Over the last couple of weeks, you are likely to have seen this link or this notification pop up on your screen. What it is, what should you do when you see it? Well, that’s what this video is going to cover. I’m just going to go over what the notification is, why it is there, why you are getting it and what you should do with it.

It’s the open load stream authorization, basically telling you to go to this website. Obviously, you have a couple of options. The easiest option is just to click on cancel, move on click on the next link, but if you’re in a situation like this within Phoenix, there are certain sections, and there is no option and no other links.

It requires you to do something or has to go to the site. So what should you do? Obviously, you’re going to go to the open load website, and I’m going to do that right now. So HTTPS PS and then colon the slash, and then open load dot Co slash pair. So I have that right up on the screen.

I’m just going to pull it over so that you see what I’ve done here on the screen. So what you’re going to do is that you just go to this website.It’s going to open up. Ultimately, the reason why they’re doing this is that it’s all ad revenue at the end of the day. They want to get you in and onto the website, they want you to click on something and then have a little fun on the website, which might take a little time.

And then they make a little bit of money, at least they get you to the website, which is their main goal. It’s going to confirm on the screen about your IP address, which will assure that you are not a robot. Then you click on it, it’s going to confirm that it is done and you click on the payer button.

It’s currently paired, so it’s going to find your IP address. So when you come back to the Kodi or when you come back to your screen, when you click on the link, it’s going to work. So you’re not getting the notification anymore, it’s spinning, but then you see your show starts up and then I’m just going to stop it.

So I don’t get any trouble. It’s just really to drive traffic to the website, and they have a little bit of ad revenue. If you see something you like on it, you might click on it, and it generates a little bit of open revenue load. It’s double-edged because open load does have some really good solid links.

And it seems that more and more places are starting to point to open load. So you’re starting to get forced to go in there essentially. Once you click in and go in there, it gives you five. It is four hours of access, so either way by the time you end up watching your movie or two or watching three episodes, and then you have to watch something else, you might not have to go there.

Once you have to go there twice, you’re probably going to go there. Once your show or movies about an hour and a half, if you watch two-three shows or fourth four shows, that’s still about two hours and a half. So the four hours that they’re giving you is reasonable.

As I said, it’s just really a graben or that they’re just trying to drive a little bit of traffic to the website. So it’s something unsafe, nothing to worry about, just go there, you click on pair, unless if there are other options, there are other links like if you go into like an app, like one channel Exodus, you know, velocity any one of those apps and there are multiple links you could just ignore and just go there.

This could be done on an Android device or any device that has a web browser. Wanting to tress that out too obviously, because as long as you go to the website and it’s able to find the IP address and link back to it, you can solve your problem. Some people might not feel comfortable with it because they don’t want their IP address to be revealed to all that stuff. But essentially, it’s just really to drive revenue, and that’s pretty much.

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