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A Client Better Than Osbuddy Free Osbuddy Exchange

Description: This is an article about osbuddy-exchange, which shows almost all the differences between add inside and OS buddy. The author tells us the operation step by step. We can know how to choose a proper one and how to use it effectively.

If you want to build a custom PC, you can do that at add inside computers. You pick your own parts and they will put it together. You don’t have to do any building yourself.

First of all I am not getting paid for this. There would be anything wrong with that. They are not getting paid whoever made the client. No one’s getting paid for this because this is rune light. This is a free, open source and super fast client for old school.

The coolest thing about this is that it is open source. That means you can read the code. You can know exactly what is in the client if you understand what’s in the code. They have github and you can compile the code yourself. You can run it. So you know exactly what’s in there.

You’re not getting any viruses. I assume that someone else had everything and I’m not going to get packed over this. This is very community driven as well. I like feature requests. It can ask something like apply small font option or FPS plug-in requires.

There is draw manager and there’s add clue, arrows for clues. Because apparently that could not only be existing. If you get hacked over this, it is not my fault. Literally I am not taking any responsibility for this. Because I’m assuming that if there is a game update. The client breaks OS buddy. You know how it needs to be updated. It’s much for everything.

They need to push an update. When they push an update maybe something malicious, what is this client? What is so special? About this it has almost all OS buddy premium features. They are three. You don’t have to pay for them. If you’re migrating from room loader, conduit or OS buddy, you are going to find almost the same features in here.

The menu is a little bit different. You can scroll and there is a search option. If you go for item, it will show item stats and you can disable plugins by simply clicking. I find it a little bit better than OS buddy. Because it doesn’t pop out additional menu and it feels like it is smoother.

I’m considering using this client full-time. I’m not joking and there’s going to be mainly for one featured. Do you remember how many times I’ve killed a boss? I got something good but it is just loop half of key, a Snapdragon seed or maybe a lead cool skull.

I like Armadale hilt. Because there is no way to distinguish text. If I search for item and go to item settings. There is going to be different colors for different valued items. Anything above 20,000 is going to be blue. If it reaches hundred thousand, it is going to be green.

If I’m killing dag not Kings, I will get a circle. It will appear as a blue text. If I’m well you’re not going to get the whole blade. Hypothetically you got a blade and it’s going to be a green colored since it’s above 100,000.

If I drop a twisted bow which is not going to happen, it’s going to appear as the best color. That’s the best part about this. If you’re killing Bandos boss, if you get a Snapdragon seed or if you get a clue scroll elite, you’re not waiting for a purple text and you’re waiting for that pink text.

Whatever color you pick, this is cool. You can pick whatever color you want and also you can pick any value that you want. It doesn’t have to be ten million. You can go for 50 mil if you want to. That is a highlighted item. That is a hidden item.

Let’s go back and suddenly it shows the only problem that if I dropped this one it shows as a very small text. We have to go to rune live settings and have to unclick use smaller font. It’s going to become a little bit bigger. I wish that it was balled text like OS buddy has. It doesn’t seem to be noticeable. Because OS buddy was a little bit better in my opinion or maybe I have to get used to the font.

It has some features that are not available in OS buddy like player at ordering. You can unlock it and you can swap around players whatever do you want. We can have melee player up. Customize it completely and it works. It puts on magic protection.

It could be useful. I’m sure I can use them because I’m not using hotkeys. I never use them. It is better to have melee player up. You can lock again. We cannot accidentally move this again. I found this interesting. That’s cool.

I can switch magic. You could scout raids by zooming out a lot and seeing bosses. You could zoom out even more than you can on this client. You don’t need to do that because you have this xenix chambers plugin.

If we go down now, it will tell exactly which bosses and which puzzles are going to be in it. The cool thing about this is that it can whitelist and blacklist the rooms. If you don’t like cams, you don’t want a clam puzzle at all, they are going to go in blacklist. You’re going to type in crabs and you’re going to click back. It’s going to appear as a dead Kanak.

You can whitelist something. If you love thieving. Let’s go back and it’s going to be green. It’s a very cool feature. Because every time you go down, you don’t even need to read what’s inside there.

You look at colors. If you see one red, maybe I’m going to do that one. I’m going to wait until all of them are green.

The next one is menu entry swapper which seems to be a little bit overpowered. It’s in a gray area because it allows you to do a lot of menu swapping. The pickpocket option is the second one. The first one is to talk to him.

You can use a menu swapper and you can swap to pickpocket. Since there are regular ones but maybe you can get one stuck much easier in the pen or something. Maybe you could close this one and swap to pickpocket. You can do it with this client.

Because almost nobody uses zanottis. This is the first option. The third one is your last destination. You can swap it around and it will become last destination. It’s mainly the quality of life update. This one makes life much easier.

When you fish sharks, click harpoon. I don’t have fishing level on this account. You have to right-click the fishing spot. You can click on her poon and it will be the first option. Click on the spot and it also swaps a lobster’s. If you are fishing lobsters, don’t do that and you can see there is a fishing plug in as well.

It shows nice sharks. You can clearly tell where it is. It’s much better when they use pictures instead of text. I’m going to try to catch at least one fish. It says caught fish but it doesn’t say what kind of fish. It doesn’t matter in most cases. That is not fishing button as well.

It’s very easy to tell that it is also customizable shift-click. By default if you hold shift, it will drop items. If you have this enabled, go to configured shift click and you click on the item. You can choose which option you want. I’m going to select break and it’s only for that specific item.

I’m going to save and if I shift-click it says drop on this tab. It may also say break on this tab. I don’t want to do that because I will be teleported to wilderness. I don’t know where they could use this because there are probably places where it could figure something out about this.

It’s a bunch of other stuff that it can use as well like player indicators. This is for fun for me. I’m sure a lot of people could find a good use for this. You can draw your own name above the head. Since I am in the French hat, it also shows a tank. I can also draw a tile. It’s easier to notice you.

I’m going to draw a friend’s name. There’s a friend and it shows name. There is a tile it says draw names on the mini-map. If that’s what you need, you can also draw non Klan member. If you want to do that for some reason, you can remove tiles. Maybe it’s easier if you’re peeking at revenants.

If you have too many, it may be a little bit distracting. Especially if you look at the mini-map, when someone following me, it’s very smooth. It’s extremely smooth the way the tiles move. It’s amazing.

This is the thing that I wanted to show but for some reason it doesn’t work but it used to work. So if you’re a hardcore Ironman you could try this. There is Idol notifications and if your hit points and go below certain amount you will get notified.

If I put 97 HP, I get no notification. There could be something with my windows. Because it did water before and it’s basically everything in here. It seems that there are XP jackets. There are wood cutting helpers.

They give you notification. They tell you everything I don’t want to show. Because if you ever used OS buddy. It’s literally the same. The only thing that may be going to be missing that could be a big deal for a lot of people is that when you go through the items, it doesn’t show the actively traded price.

If you go and search for something low traded. Let’s say Third Age hat. You click on it and it says the gran exchange value. It doesn’t say OS buddy guide price which is usually more accurate. Currently there is no such feature in this client. However they have item prices.

If I enable the item prices, it will show. I feel like it’s not too friendly. I cannot see it clearly. Maybe I need to get used to it because I’m used to OS buddy. Instead it shows how much each is. We can also configure it. Thank you for reading.

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