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Game Changing OSBuddy 3.0 Client Update at Exchange. Com

So the new OS body 3.0 was released last night or early this morning. What does is it improve down, the graphics and the performance of the old-school client OS buddy and conduit. I think there are two biggest clients, I know about a lot buddy just took a pretty big leap with this new update, and I’m telling you it’s insane.

What they did as amazing as it is, it’s also controversial because you can do some things that I don’t think Jagex ever intended you to be able to do in the games. I’m going to show you quickly some of the new features that are in this new client. So you have to be on resizable mode, if you want to use this OpenGL mode.

So if you’re currently in fixed ingame, if you log in and change it to resizable, if you want to try out the new opengl mode. Once you’ve done that, go back to the start page or the place where you log in and then check opengl mode and a little score will appear at the bottom that says OS buddy opengl beta.

It improves the graphics and performance and by performance. Apparently, it can run like multi-core stuff. Now I’m not sure if that’s true. I’ve heard that it proves it, because it uses a lot more like CPU and your computer as opposed to just one part what I heard in a grapevine.

If you know what it is in, comment below and I’ll see the graphics they improved as well. So you have the option to check that, check the OpenGL mode and then go ahead and log in. So when you log in and you zoom out, you can see that. First of all, you render distance in your view is very far, you can see extremely far away.

So what happened for me was the horizon and sky from, you were still black. So you can go up to the top right corner next to where you can Eggers out the client and you see eldersm, those features the COG the camera, the discord thing and you’ll have the option to click the opengl feature.

Click that to undo opengl and then click it again. If you’re having trouble with that, with the sky, now like light blue, you can see far away, you can obviously see that the graphics are smoothed out. It looks really smooth, it’s different, almost a zoomed in on my character on the regular client.

And then on the new OS Play 3.0 client, I’m going to put a side-by-side of what they look like right now. You can obviously see that the OS buddy 3.0 guy is smoother, he looks a bit more 3d as opposed to less old graphics. I mean it’s cool, I don’t know if I want it. But I like it, it’s something new, I guess it’s just cool to see something like this, an old-school graphics aside.

There’s some other opie thing that some people are getting a little bit pissed about I show you really quickly. So one thing you can do with this new client since your view is so far, so you can see so far away, you can do what people are calling one click room crafting, or you can extend a certain area and click to the ulcer in one click and don’t worry about clicking anymore. Obviously which is pre grade makes your craft a lot more afk? It makes it a lot more enjoyable for me, but some people don’t think it’s that good.

So we’re going to start off at the astral alter on lunar Isle so Ashley runecrafting. If you stand at the bank and you click on a certain area and see how much rune. You click right there and then your character immediately starts running to the astral altar to click anywhere else.

He follows the best path there or at least the fastest one possible, whenever you click there and in no time with not doing anything else, you’re at the azure, altar can make your runes and then teleport back to the bank and repeat the process. Astral’s are pretty popular from 82 plus, because you get to double a shrooms and you make quite a bit of money, so recipes the prices of astral foods.

Next we’re going to head to the VMI altar or the O’Neill’s or what if you want to call it? So when you teleport there and you run up the path and then go down the letter to the actual ultra, where it is?

You can stand with the big sack on his back, where you can bank and if you stand right next to them and then you click on again, a certain area of your mini-map, you can then run through the fastest pass straight to the GE miles or side of them to worry about anything else.

You obviously get attacked here, but if you’re on the Otherworld, which is the official things in my world? You barely attack, usually what people like to do is that they like to follow other people who are actually running. So it’s a bit more afk, but in this case, you can one-click.

So now we’re going to head to the table, one eye area where the nature runes are and what I want to test it out from where the faring is, there’s very obviously. I think west of Shiloh village and when you’re there and you can click again on a certain area on your map, and you will run straight to the nature of an altar.

Don’t worry about going anywhere else, this is a bit more annoying. It’s just click quite a few times, but when you teleport there and you click on that area on your map, you run straight to the nature rune altar. I also heard that if you are blood room crafting that you can after mining your essence, you can just go up the shortcut.

Click to the dark altar and then click straight to the blood altar, you see on your mini-map all once, so that makes it even more FK. How different the game becomes? When you can see and click farther away on your client, making everything that is not faster necessarily or maybe it does a little bit.

But the fact that you have to click every so often is that I guess an improvement for some people, but for some people, they don’t think that the client should be able to do that. They don’t think that a third party client should be able to do something that the official jagex runescape client can’t do.

Now check this out, if you’re in falador and you just got your hair cut at that hairdresser there, and you feel like jumping over some broken down break side salad or you can click straight to the shortcut from the hairdresser, how crazy is that? One click and you’re there, so you can click over here.

We go look at that I just got 99 agility this new client is insane. Now jagex is apparently already approved OS plate 3.0 Matt, put on the subreddit that he thought that nothing was breaking the rules. He’d be OK, I think somebody tweeted one of the Jay mods on Twitter that I was OK. Now here comes the official discussion, Do you think this should be allowed?

I know some people are in favor of it, obviously because you’ve got that much better. It’s a serious discussion and it’s is a pretty. I guess Opie change to a third-party client it does something that the official client can’t do, which are mouse or puts me off. I think that updates, amazing.

I think what they did is really cool, but I’m interested to see what you have to say about this. So in the comments below, let me know whether you think this should be allowed. I think it should be cool, can your computer even run this OpenGL mode lots of different things?

I just want to show you some of the new features on the new OpenGL mode analyst buddy 3.0. So don’t forget to put your comments on the whole thing in the comment section below. Thank you  and we’ll see you next time, have a good day.

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