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The Comparison between OSBuddy and Konduit at Exchange. Com

My name’s Theo attrex. And today I’m going to be explaining the main differences between the two clients, conduit and OS buddy, and I’m going to come to a conclusion as to which one you should be using in what situation.

Now regarding the safety of these two clients, Jagex has made a post about unauthorized third-party clients. And there’s actually no authorized third-party clients other than at the main runescape one, which isn’t even a third party. So this person asked what are the authorized third-party clients, there are none of this stage.

But there is a post up here, someone’s talking about ruin loader OS body and conduit are considered authorized. But mod Mac K says they are not considered authorized, however they do not look like BOTS. So you can use these clients without worrying about your account. The only worry is getting hacked, so there is a slim chance that you’ll get hacked.

I also know that the owner of OS body actually has ties with Jagex, so I think they show each other their code. So OS buddy maybe slightly more trustworthy than conduit, but still they’re both pretty safe.

Now getting into their important features, I’m going to go through each of the clients and talk about the different things that are very important to note. When you’re using them and firstly with conduit, now a pretty big difference between cons with and OS body is that OS body uses a lot more memory than conjure, it’s noticeably larger and more stressful on your computer.

So if you have a pretty shitty computer kanjou, it is definitely the way to go the main thing. I like about conduit is the absolute customized ability that you have while you’re using it. A really sick feature of conduit especially if you’re a pure, there’s an option that you can actually remove the defensive attack style.

So if you see I’ve removed it here, if I click on it another thing regarding customizability, you can change this orb to any of these. And the main one I like is tasks and it tells you how many it got left on your Slayer task in this orb. And it can tell you how many cannonballs you have left in your cannon.

And another thing that OS body I don’t think it has is when you hover over stuff, it has tooltips. As it says bank at the bank booth and it says inventory sharp slash and it comes up and tells you what you’re hovering over.

Now another good one is the boosted staff actually come up here and pretty much all of the notifications, like drinking potions, absorptions overloads, they come up here and you can set them up. You can configure them and choose what you want to show up, and also edit it and move it to wherever you want.

I just have it up because it looks really nice there and if it’s way better than the OS body one,which is in the top left corner. Now you can change the game frame in conjured, you can also do that in OS buddy. I’m going to show that in a sec, but you can see here, this is the really old game frame and it just updates all the icons into what they used to be.

So if you’re into that, you can change it, but I prefer the normal old-school one. Now another pretty cool feature is that you can actually change the chat colors, so if I want to change maybe the clan chat, I can change the color to let’s say blue. And if I go to clan, it starts coming up as blue, so you can pretty much customize everything.

And another feature is the conduit map, it’s a very nice looking map, but they’ve removed all of the icons that were on it. I’m not sure why they do that, but the map itself looks really clean and smooth. So if you want to get somewhere, it’s actually nice to use. But you can obviously right-click and use the regular runescape one, which is a little bit different, but it has all of the icons.

Another thing about conduit is that you can do moats or emojis, and what you have to do is that you type a colon, and then you type whatever the emoji you want and it comes up.

See if that doesn’t work, I’m sure on the website there’s somewhere that tells you all of the emojis. There are actually quite a lot of them, and you can also do them in the clan chat and also in messages and they come up just like that now.

Another major feature that OS body does not have is the full quick boxes for agility. So if I click anywhere in this box, it’s going to start the course. But on OS buddy, it only has a little dot and that dot is sometimes out of place. So these click boxes have been perfectly rendered for the entire clicking area and that really helps with agility. Whenever I do agility, I always go onto conduit since it is so much easier to do.

Another thing that conduit has that is a little bit better than always body is the farming timers and it has every single timer and it also shows you the farming game ticks as it goes through the day. Now the thing about the farming timer, it tells you what’s happening in the patches. If they have grown, if they’re dead and you can know when you need to go check on your patches.

Now more features I’m going to show is the switch chat one, and you can put your twitch chat on the screen, and that’s pretty awesome. If you’re a live stream ax or if you’re watching a stream and you want to look at the chat while you’re playing, I haven’t set it up yet. But once you set it up, I think I’ve seen it on a few streams, actually it comes up in and you can move it around wherever you want, so that’s always an awesome feature.

And the last thing I want to say is that the clue Scrolls feature of conduit is not anywhere near as good as the OS buddy clues Scrolls, but the reason for that is that the OS buddy one is a paid feature and everything on Kandra is free.

The only way that they make money is by donations, which is down here. Obviously, you don’t have to donate, they don’t ask you to and you can do whatever you want and just one quick last run-through basically all the tabs.

This is just the updates, this is every single bit of configuration. And in my opinion, this is way nicer than the OS body one to go down, there’s the world selector, there’s a home world, you can set up here. There is the high scores you can pick what version you want and then we have the experience tracker.

If you click on it, you can move it into the game and then stop by where this one is and it locks it in place. But I don’t like it since they’re so big. There’s the grand exchange and the thing about the grand exchange on conduit is the prices are really off.

I don’t know why they’re not linked to the grand exchange directly like OS body is, but they’re out of date, and you can also do bank value. So when you’re going your bank, you can click the bank value and it calculates the entire bank value, but that takes a little while moving down.

There’s the farming timers, which I spoke about earlier. And then there’s the skill calculators and these are really good, they tell you exactly how many of each action you need to do in order to get to a certain level, you can change it to levels up here and that’s got pretty much every skill there.

And then there is a notepad which I use for construction, you can use it for whatever you want and then down here. There are screen markers and I’m sure OS body has this as well, but you can add new markers in. You can draw a little hit box where you want to click. And then exit, it gives you a little area where you should be clicking.

Now I’m going to show off, it’s buddy and I have OS buddy Pro, so I’m going to show every single feature of OS buddy. The main number one good thing about OS buddy that I really like is this OpenGL option up here.

And what that does is that it makes your game have different sprites and very smoother lighting and smoother actions. But it does take a massive toll on your computer, it is way laggy. Here it’s taking its sweet time. See it’s quite a bit smoother and the lighting looks quite a lot nicer.

I’m not sure why it comes through the floor, but it looks quite a bit nicer and it just makes a game slightly more enjoyable to play something really weird, though is the way you move your head, like tilt it right. And then you tilt it back, I don’t know it creeps me out of it.

But let’s go back to the normal game, as you can already tell the OS body does use a lot more on your processing, on your computer. I am lagging a tiny bit more than I was, when I was on conduit. But if you click the Settings icon, it comes up with all of the settings. And first thing I’m going to show is the interfaces, you have more options here.

This is the 2005 interface, that is the same as conduit. And then if I go to the 2010 one and actually has the same icons as 2010, and if I go to fixed mode, I think it works a bit nicer. They’re all squares and all the spells look different, all of the skills look different and pretty much everything looks just quite a bit nicer than the other way.

I’ve gone back to where it was, there are three options here and you can change general. These are all the free plugins on the left and then the pro plugins come on the right, I haven’t turned on all of them because some of them just overhaul it out of your computer.

One pretty cool thing is that you can set up Authenticator with OS body and with the Jagex Authenticator, so it really gives more security for your account. And it also has mouse keys, I’m sure they’re not allowed to be used. But it says offers the same functionality as Windows Mouse keys and windows Mouse keys are actually allowed

But the thing is that you can change the distance, which is illegal. And another one here is the trade notifier, these are all free plugins. So when you get a trade, you’ll get a notification at the bottom right of your screen, if you’re on a Windows. I’m not sure how it works on that,but it gives you a notification.

If you get a trade or a jewel, then move on to the pro plugins, you can change the game sprites here, which is what I was doing before and there’s a lot more alert as here. So there’s things like logout alerter, as the highlight notifier. When someone says something important in the chat, there’s also a mining alerta’.

So when you’re mining and you stop mining, it actually notifies you, you can do that with woodcutting as well. I’m not sure where it is, and there is a bit of a twitch plug-in here that you can add and it shows your twitch followers on the screen. I haven’t set it up yet, but it doesn’t have the chat. it only has followers and things like that.

Now I’m moving along to widgets, there were only two Pro ones, so you get quite a lot of the widgets. If you have only the free version and these widgets are the thing on the right here, all of these. So if I turn that off, it’s going to remove one of them, turn it back on, it comes back. So going down list, there is firstly all the news and updates in the runescape community, going down there is world and you can set for your favourite worlds down.

If you click on the star, it comes up down the bottom. There is the high scores, which are really nice. You double-click, it comes up with your name and basically tells you everything about you. It has the virtual levels as well, you can turn them off down here.

The next thing is the skill xp tracker and it tells you XP per hour. Here I haven’t got a 7-bit on it’s pretty much and the main one here is the grand exchange and say you type in an item. It comes up with the currently traded price, which is way different to conduit tells you exactly how much it’s training for the Asterix means.

It hasn’t been traded in the past few hours, so the price may be a bit off. But the ones without these are the exact prices that the item is going for in the grand exchange. So that one is very handy moving along, there is the loot and monster kill count. This one’s useful, I don’t have anything to show.

It tells you all the monsters you’ve killed in your current session of os body. And when I was doing the defenders on my hard grind man, I was able to see that I killed 400 cyclopses, which is where I got that number from. It also tells you the total loot, it adds up the queen amount there, and it also tells you the combined combat that you’ve had.

So the things pretty much everything you’ve killed with the loot moving along is the farming tab and this one is alright, except it doesn’t have quite as much functionality as the conjurer one. But it is still very useful, it comes up with all the things you planted. But sometimes I’ve found that’s a little bit inaccurate company, something’s already finished, even though it’s not.

But moving down there is calculators. There’s just a regular calculator here and then further down. There is the skilled calculators with a lot more going on, instead of the quandary at one. It has pretty much all the skills, it also has a combat calculator, so you can put in your levels and work out what level you’ll need, in order to get to what level you want moving down.

There is timers and it’s just times going up and then there’s stopwatches, because timers should be going down and stopwatches should be going up. We have a counter down here, so you can be armed and you can count it.

When something happens in game, it gives you another number moving down. There is the notepad and that just has much everything wrapped just means. So if I say something wraps just means it goes next line when I have something. But if I do that, I can scroll all the way right, there’s the twitch chat here. But you need to authenticate it and connect it.

But the thing with the conduit one is that you can put it on the screen, but this one is simply on the side here, which is good as well. You can choose your cursor, you already do that in conduit, I didn’t show before, but if I click on it, it has the cursor. This is the same as a conduit one and it has a pink one and a small one.

I prefer this one the best over here, you can add screen markers as you can with conduit. Basically, if you hold shift, you can resize them and move them around, and it also has a lot more clue scroll settings. So these all these clues scrolls, they have so many more options. It tells you all of the answers to everything and when you open a clue scroll, it comes up with the answer straight away, it tells you all the items you need and it is far better than the conjurer one. So that’s an awesome one and that’s also with OS buddy pro.

It completes puzzle boxes for you, it tells you exactly where you need to click. So if you’re having trouble with puzzle boxes get OS buddy pro and it’ll save you a lot of time moving down. There is another farming one for some reason, but this is a farming timer one and I guess this one might be a little bit better than the other farming one. I’ve only been using this one, but I realized this one has the current state of the crop as well. So who knows? I’ll give this one a shot.

Now the last thing I want to talk about here is the overlays. The overlays are basically all of these things that come up on the screen. If I can move this out of the way when you get XP, it comes up the world map. If you click here, it comes up with OS body world map, which is quite a bit nicer than the other ones.

You can change level and this is very important from raids, because you can Scout dungeons down here. It has the attack styles, you can also do the similar thing as conduit and it only shows your current attack style. I’m not sure how that works and it has quite a few other options, which are so similar to conduit as well in the free plug plugin.

But if you go to the pro plugins, there are quite a few extra ones. For example. it saves the Barrows blood-brothers that you’ve killed and it keeps them in the game. And then when you go there, it tells you which ones you’ve killed and the enchantment helper is really helpful. It comes up with a little box as your enchanting stuff so that one’s really helpful and I’m not going to go into any more detail, thanks from rune ray.

Last thing I want to do is to show these if you type in exclamation mark level or extra few fans over here, it shows what levels you currently have. So if I go over here and type in attack, it’ll come up with my level 99 attack and so on. It also has combat and it tells you all of your combat stats, which is really cool and then further along.

You can do things like my kill count at bosses so ban dose and it comes up with your kill count. The kill count only refreshes if you check your ring of wealth, which I can’t do because I’m free to play player. But that’s pretty much, all the features I wanted to show.

But now come up with a final conclusion, conduit is completely free and having the conduit client, in my opinion is better than having the OS buddy free client. But if you’re willing to pay for OS body Pro, it does have more superior features such as OpenGL and a couple of other more. like more interfaces, more settings.

But it’s completely up to you. If you don’t want to spend money, definitely use conduit. If you want to spend money and are happy to spend money for more features, such as the grand exchange, exact pricing, definitely go with OS body pro. But you don’t even have to use any of these clients, feel free to just use the regular runescape client that one works fine, except it hasn’t got any of these additional features, but it still works pretty smoothly and it’s very trusted.

Now it’s time for clip of the day, today’s clip of the day is back to a bit of skip teaser luck and from his first kill iron Rizzo or Rizzo got a clue scroll hard, which is a guaranteed drop? And he also got a dark core and he also got the scatino pet on his first ever scooty so kill, which is so lucky?

If you did enjoyed, be sure to leave a like. If you learned something, be sure to leave a like and subscribe. And as always thank you so much and have a nice day.

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