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Trying Out OSBuddy and HD Graphics at Exchange. Com

Today we’ll be looking at OS buddy pro for old school runescape. This is a third-party client, completely legal to use half of the old school runescape, community uses it. And I tried it out for three months, even though I have been spending most of my time when we’re in scape 3 to try it out and actually like that game.

I’m starting to notice coming back to OS buddy, how many of those are in escape 3 features pop-up, and os buddy. And it’s a very nice client for free, a lot of nice things to use. Let me go attack an out covered guard, so little things like these little orbs, pop up to tell you how much xp you’re getting, how much kills like a rough estimate Honda, how many kills you need it level up, and stuff like that.

So that’s nice, that’s a nice little feature from new runescape that they brought over here and they also little things like estimated values of items on the ground for pickup. That’s a very nice feature as well, and it’s much more customizable than the old school runescape client and supposedly runs better to.

I think that’s true, there’s just a lot more features that make the experience of playing old school runescape enjoyable. When you’re doing Slayer, there’s red rectangles underneath the monsters or whoever you need to kill for your task. So that’s nice, I don’t know why I’m killing all carry guards. These are actually my stats, I’m not too shabby O’s working on attack strength and defense.

I wanted that dragon defender, so I think we’re working on defense right now. But this is the reason why I decided to give OS body a try, it’s pretty cheap to try out. It’s like $5 or $3 U.S.m it’s in GBP. So PayPal do the conversion to US dollars or rupees or Canadian moose dollars, whichever currency monopoly money you decide to pay with.

It will convert, so I did three months for like ten dollars, which is really cheap. You are paying for Mariinsky membership, I would definitely recommend, at least giving OS buddy try out and trying out the pro features as well, makes the experience a lot better. And I’ll tell you why there’s actually a mode that makes it really nice to play.

If you remember when runescape was like around the 2006 7 era, there’s actually a toggle 4 HD graphics for members and they replicated that with opengl injector. So it looks a bit nicer, things are a bit smoother. The game looks like it’s actually running an acceptable frame rate, it actually looks like it’s running at least 60 to 120 frames per second.

So that’s a nice change here and let me show you some other features. You can control and scroll out look at that draw distance, so I know that’s a controversial subject in terms of things like ruin crafting and whatnot, making it unfair advantage. But there’s no way of really getting banned for using OS buddy, it’s confirmed.

I think the moderators even use as a jagex confirmed third-party clients, not going to get you banned. However something happens while you’re all buddy, client Lee get hacked. They say that Jagex isn’t going to help you, because you’re not using their official client, you’re using the OS buddy client, so little things on the interface.

The orbs pop up the enemy health bar pops up and this is all customizable. I’ll hop into the settings as well to show you that’s all about here on our thing. I notice it gives you like a little special attack meter appears list, I want to use my dragons dragon longsword special attack. It tells me when that’s fully charged and when it’s ready to be used, there’s an OS bloody world map that you can put up here and scroll out.

So that’s nice to have up in your corner. If you want that, lets go into the settings real quick. We have this little twitch, type thing here bunch of social things to do easy to switch worlds, experience trackers gets us a grant exchange type of deal here. This is keeping track of all the things that you have been killing. I’ll care warriors for reasons.

I don’t understand why I’m here, there’s many better ways as a paid member to be training. This is even as skill calculator here, which comes in handy. So this would have came in handy, when I was doing 99 fletching for sure that these orbs are here would have been very helpful for 99 flashing as well.

So I also know that this was Auto hockey’s 4os buddy, I think those will get you banned. I’m pretty sure those would get you the old ban hammer down on you, so let’s just say Wow, look at that that’s pretty cool, actually haven’t clicked on this so combat. It’s pretty neat, so we can enter stuff in here plus 1501, that’s pretty crazy.

So there’s a bunch of different things you’re going to pop in to help you out easy. The whole note thing here like OS buddy is the bomb, so the OpenGL graphics I would say so nice as a nicer coat of paint on the old school runescape experience s, each as their own. I think the game performs a bit better, but there are some graphical glitches they claim to be updating that everyday.

So you don’t get that, if it’s not forever, if you’re not paying for it, you do not get the OpenGL injector. So you can also integrate your twitch streams to your twitch app, which is pretty cool. So we can’t go there, there’s even a discord saying thing that’s what the window popped up, there’s a discord option up at the left hand corner, and where my face cam is out, which is also blocking some of my credentials.

You can take screenshots in-game, you can take a screenshot, so that’s pretty easy to keep track and have little milestones of what you’re doing in the game. Take a quick screenshot, this thing here gives you just a bunch of different things support Twitter’s efficiency wikis.

So that’s also nice, just quick options for you to pop into, like wiki’s and whatnot. I don’t know if my webcam you have here like that, those are so lucky, that’s cool. So you also bother opening up a new tab and stuff like that, it’s also the settings here you can pretty much customize anything you want here to your default world hiding your OS.

But a username even gives your tax style like defense here. So there’s definitely a lot of features, over there fifty thousand people playing old school runescape. And over half of those players using OS buddy, so you’re probably even familiar with OS buddy, even if you’re all Windows use.

If you’re on Linux, you have to use it and for all Mac, you have to use it as well. The old-school clients find for the most part, but I think this is probably the way to go. These are the free plug-ins the pro plugins as well, it tells you when you’re going to regenerate. So just things that makes a game a lot easier to use.

So what else do we have here, time running, how much time you can play in the game for? So it has a six hour Auto logout thing and I’ll let you know I’ve hit that mark as you’ve been playing for six hours. I like what I am doing with my life skills, helping you out here and giving you updates and stuff like that on different things, like runecrafting, wood cutting, fishing, farming, timers like a lot of different things here.

There are a lot of features with the free client as well. There’s no reason not to use this ya mouse keys, I don’t think that’s really acceptable now. I would do some research about that, pretty sure that will get you banned and all this stuff right here. I basically pay for the twitch helper is pro.

So the reason why I got or paid 4os buddy was for trying out the opening mode and I’m pretty sure this zooming out mode. I don’t know this for free or for pro, I’m sure that may be a pro thing, might be a free. But you can do that without the opening, you can do that on the fly for the most part too. So I would definitely check that out if you want to increase your enjoyment of playing old school for inscape, definitely try out the client, it is free.

But if you like it, you want some extra features like the OpenGL injector for increased performance, another pro stuff, I would definitely give it a shot. This is not sponsored or anything like that, this is just an off-the-cuff video of me, trying out OS buddy. If I were to keep playing old school runescape, I would be mainly playing runescape three right now.

But I’m definitely, I might not like keeping it paying, if just for the graphics. For me personally, it’s not worth it, but it might be worth it to somebody else. Because I’ll probably playing old school runescape more when it’s on mobile and playing runescape three on my computer. So OS buddy many different features for you to use, here very nice.

I would definitely try it out, I think I like five times, but you get the idea. For this video, I will see you on the next one, let’s hang around. Let’s get the 58 defense, I’ll probably hop off and go to or in scape 3 more than likely this game does bring back honest object memories.

Though it is very nice to play, very nice that both games exist. In my opinion, I can’t wait for old school runescape to come out of the mobile. Though that’s where I’ll probably spending my time on mobile and probably playing runescape 3 on pc or a computer, because I don’t know how that one’s going to translate to mobile. We’ll just see, see you next time on the next video. Thank you for tuning in.

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