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Why I Will Never Retire at AA. net

Recently, I have been asked about when I am going to retire. I replied that I would not retire until my last day on the planet. As to why I should have retired, the reason behind it is that I’ve been in real estate for a long time, which is where I could really start and did very well with.

I had a great teacher named Max, whom I’ve always mentioned. If I really wanted to retire, I would continue to live a normal and reasonable lifestyle, in which the bills are paid without any debt. However, I’ll never retire as it is fun, which is also my premise.

I’ve evolved and changed. Getting out of the real estate, I engaged myself in writing books and doing public speaking and so on, which was great fun. I made money by doing it. Besides, I still sell a lot of intellectual property in books, audio and video. Later, I discovered a passion of mine sales.

I love sales, which is my passion lies in, but you have to have practicality with passion. You may love to just sit on the beach and read books. Nonetheless, not many people are going to pay you for it, but maybe you’ll do a video, write a book, or make a podcast about visiting beaches around the world.

You can be very creative, which is what I love about sales. I wrote books. Someone says I spoke on sales. I used to teach sales to corporations and individuals or mentor them, so it was so much fun. Now I’ve evolved again into social media, because I see other people of 20, 30, 40 years in age are working on it and the ROI is atrocious.

Therefore, I’m starting to write books and do things on social media as well. My greatest passion is mentoring people one-on-one on Skype, answer my own phone and basically teach them all the stupid things I’ve done. So you avoid them and copy the smart things that I’ve done.

I am going to teach those things in the learning curve, because I’m very good at mentoring. I had a mentor. I’d be cleaning if it wasn’t for my mentor Max and my lovely wife Claudia. I think I’d probably be cleaning a Slurpee machine in Topeka.

Topeka is a lovely place in Kansas, if I remember it clearly. Anyway, it is the evolution of things. Do something that’s practical that takes you to the bank, so that you don’t get that feeling you used to at around 4:30 on Sunday.

You’re watching a football game. You will not be feeling that you have to go to work. It is rewarding to do something you love to do. You’re making enough money to get to your goals and do anything you want. Think about the practicality and the passion, do something you love and you’ll never even think of it as retiring, because every day you love the work you are engaged in.

We are going to see what happens when I switch to decaf. Nobody deserves success more than you do. We hope everyone has a wonderful healthy happy holiday.

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