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The Standard of The Update in Rocket League for Xbox at Rocket League Price Index. Com

In the past six hours, somebody updated the spreadsheet, it was one of the biggest updates the spreadsheet has ever seen.

So with this update, you got the regular price fixes, somethings went up and others went down, but the biggest thing that drives some people crazy is the standard for trading. Heat wave is not the standard anymore, they changed the entire thing.

The reason I make this video is to talk to you and give you my theories on what is going to have a DEET way. What is going to happen and what you should do with it and if you have one of these two decals. I’m going to try to put some screen shots up for you.

So I can show you what I’m talking about by showing you this system used to be based on P wave, if you know anything about the rocketing trading system. I don’t know what the people who developed this spreadsheet were thinking. They probably thought the market was completely trashed, by which I mean everybody wants heat wave, I think that’s why they changed the standard from heat to 20xx, because everyone wants to take others’ overpay so much.

It’s ridiculous but I understand why they changed it, because it takes a long time to get the market down to where it should be. However I don’t think it’s a necessary update, because I had 60 waves, and it was about to sell and now I have a sone quick before the market because of the huge jump.

So I think what is going to happen to the market is that we’re rolling with heat wave. But I don’t know if the heat wave is going to stay up like that, because it is just 1.1 heat, they made heat wave 1.1 X and people are still going to be the fan of heat wave, since it is a little bit more than 20xx.

It’s so hard to guess this, because I haven’t been in this trading community for about 3 months. Now I have built up everything over the past 3 months, and I don’t know if the system has ever changed from one thing to heat wave.

And heat wave is to 20xx. I don’t know this has ever happened before, so I don’t know what’s going on but my best guess of what is going to happen over the next month is a heat wave.

I say over next month, people are going to lose interest. The only reason people wanted heat wave in the first place was that it was a standard and it looked fantastic as well.

It was what the entire system was based on now. I think heat wave is still going to be one of the best BMZ’s product, and it will overheat for a while.

My theory is that it’s going to stay the same price with one heat or 1.1 X and it’s going to stay at 1.1 X for about a month. And then, it’s going to drop slowly a tiny bit at a time which brings a point to xx, with the release of xx, the heat will go down.

My opinion is that xx is going to go up because it is now the new standard and everyone is going to want it, just like heat. So if you have 15, 20 X X’s out there, keep them.

This is such a crazy drop to the market. So this brings me to what you should do if you have a heat wave or 20xx.

Firstly, if you have a xx poured, keep it. Personally, if I had a 2086, I would hoard it like the new hit such as heat. I would not give it away for almost anything, unless it was like a 1.5 over bay or point 500 bay. My advice to the people who have 20xx is to save them because in a month or month and a half, it’s going to be worth a crazy amount of currency.

Now if you have a heat wave, I think the heat wave is going to draw up eventually. But right now, I think next a couple of weeks, at least some people are going to be wanting heat waves and everything.

But after a couple of weeks or at least a week of this video coming out, I think you probably want to trade them, I will try to trade them or invest. I’ve got 60 waves right now, I’m going to try to invest in some apex, because those are probably the most stable thing on the market right now.

If you only have one heat wave, I don’t know what you could buy, honestly I wouldn’t go for crates, maybe I will go for something like three slits.

Crates are now literally worth champion for trades, they’re less than nitro crates. I feel sorry for the people who have tons of overdrive greats.

My advice to you is that if you have a bunch of over drives, trade half of them for nitrogen one to one within the next day before people realize that.

I want to hear your opinions, and I want to be interacted with you. I want to see what you think about, if you are expert traders, I want you to tell me what you think about in the comments section. So I want to know whether you think this is good for the market in the long run. I’m just going to be honest, it’s ridiculous, just tell me whether you like it or not. I want to hear your thoughts and opinions as always.

If you haven’t entered into the Para, we are probably going to hit the 200 subscribers. I’ll just do best on the site, so that video will be coming out later today.

So leave like for that video, add it to your gamer tag. I’ll catch you next time.

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