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How to Get Started and Activate on Twitch TV Com

Ladies and gentlemen of YouTube boogie2988 coming at you live once again, through the power of the Internet and I would say right now based on the trending, I see on Twitter is more popular than it’s ever been. If you’re unfamiliar with that website or that service or that app, it is a streaming service that allows anybody who’s streaming a game from Xbox. one from PlayStation 4 from a PC.

If you have the right equipment from about any device allows them to stream that game play along with pictures and their voice or whatever else, in order to get people to come and watch them play the game and that’s a lot of fun. Now twitch is setting records left and right, whether it will be the number of users or the number of concurrent users during any particular event.

They are trending more popular than ever. More and more people are getting interested in the service. It seems like every day, somebody’s asking me about advice on getting started up on Twitch. Now that I’ve been streaming there for about 18 months and I’ve got like 150,000 followers, they want to know what I did and I’m more than glad to tell you in this video.

But let me start off with the same advice. I give for everything in order to get good atz this, it’s going to take practice which may take time and that’s true for anything in life, but if you have fun doing this, that’s its own reward, maybe you’ll be successful, maybe you won’t, but at least you’ll have some fun and play some games along the way.

Now the first thing you want to get before you get started is the technical aspect that involves software and hardware. Now in terms of hardware, there are three different choices you can stream from either the PlayStation 4 the Xbox one or PC. If you choose to stream from Xbox or Playstation the software, there is very limited.

But it’s useful, and it’ll get you started about what you’re going to do. Make sure you have a camera setup so that people can see you, you’re going to use the best headset that you can for those devices so that people can hear you, because quality of sound and video is very important as well as the quality of your stream.

Make sure that you have fast internet, so you could stream at the best bit rates, so the people can see and hear you clearly, it is extremely important. When it comes to streaming from PC, sky’s really the limit and you can use a powerful PC with the capture card or a catch device to stream from consoles, while also using your PC for video and audio.

It’s a lot more complicated and it’ll take a lot of more steps to do something. I can’t teach you how to do today, but it’s worth it. It is one of the fastest ways to do if you have a good internet connection and a good powerful PC, you can download either OBS, which is free or x split, which is not free and these are two great streaming software’s.

In fact, I’m recording this video using x split and I use it for a lot of different things other than streaming, then you will focus on very high quality hardware. Now I’m using a Yeti mic, which I don’t necessarily recommend, it happens to be the one I rely on. I am using a Logitech c920 webcam for the video and then I’m using x split for the actual game capture and that works out pretty well.

But when it comes to the technical aspect, try to get the best you can afford the best capture card, the best internet speeds, the best sound from the best microphones and the best picture from the best cameras so that you don’t annoy a new viewer as soon as they log in.

The second big choice I think any streamer needs to make is that they’re going to stream and this can be about anything. Now I hop around from game to game, I try to play whatsoever trendy or whatsoever particularly interesting to me that week. If you can go to the game, that’s a great way to catch on over there.

If there’s one game or one genre of game you’re excellent at, you will eventually find your audience alternatively, though you can hop around from game to game, try different stuff, try different trending games and popular games, trying to hit gold by picking the right game at the right time and getting on the right channel, list it all comes down to personal preference. Because if you don’t love the game you’re playing, people are not going to want to watch it.

The third choice every streamer needs to decide is about what kind of streamer they’re going to be. Everybody is different. Some people are quiet and they want to focus on the game and allow people to focus on the game as well. There are people that are particularly funny, so they try to be funny. They’re people that are particularly emotive, so they try to be a motive.

There are people who are particularly attractive, so they try to make sure that they always look attractive on stream. But whatever your best qualities are, you want to bring them to the table and they’re going to sharpen those skills over time and get better and better at being the version of you when you’re streaming it.

I think any writer or anybody who’s practiced anything like this, they call it finding your voice becoming the stage persona or the broadcasting persona or the personality that you want to project through twitch TV, and that’s going to take the most time.

The first time you stream, you’re probably going to be a nervous wreck. But in this case, like every scenario in life, be yourself, be the best version of yourself and I guarantee someone will like you.

The fourth thing I try to express to everybody is that you ask me this question which is consistency, you must be consistent stream several nights a week as long as you can. Possibly stream have a consistent schedule publish that schedule so that if someone likes you, they know where and when they can come and find you.

Make sure that you don’t let them down as often and long as you can. I mean it shouldn’t be too hard. If you’re having fun and you’re playing video games, it should be easy to do. And number five and this is the tricky one, building your audience. This one is going to be different for every single person that ever tries to do this, but if you have the right hardware and the right software, you’re streaming the right games to get a little bit of attention, and you’re completely good at them.

You’re developing a fun stage persona, you are eventually going to get viewers into your chat channel and it could take a lot of time. What I suggest is to engage your audience, first thing you want to do is to engage the audience to read your chat and answer your questions, to address them by name, to play the game with them and to enjoy that interaction and chances.

They’ll enjoy that interaction as well, and that’s going to make them one to come back. When you have people who are consistently coming back several nights a week, he will respond positively to that reward them for that behavior. Obviously, be nice to them, answer them by name. talk to them, give them special attention.

If it’s possible, you may want to consider modding them so that they can help you in their chat, and they feel like they are part of the stream. Because you are eventually partnered, you can begin to reward subscribers and donators who have helped you out along your way. Make sure that these people who engage with you frequently and often feel warm and welcome, it makes the experience so much more fun and makes them want to tune in all the more often.

Thirdly, I think this is the most important aspect to keep an audience engaged, have fun stream. When you feel like it stream, when you want to stream, when it’s fun play, the games that you want to play and make sure you’re having fun doing it. Because that’s a guaranteed way to make sure they’re having fun.

If you’re not well, they can find somebody. I mean that’s everything I’ve learned in 18 months of streaming, I’m not a very clever from hand and that’s why I’m not that successful over there at twitch, I’m certainly not successful as other Youtubers who have made the move over there.

But I get my people watching, it’s turned into a second income and a great way to spend my time and I’m definitely happy about it. So it took a long time to get there, not as long as it took me to get reasonably successful here on YouTube. But I’m happy with my success at either place and that’s what it all comes down to offer you advice on something which is entirely impractical.

Because I could have done the same thing anybody else has done and failed, and you could do the same thing I did and failed, or maybe you could do something completely different and be wildly successful. Your story is going to end the way and there’s not a lot I can really do, but I hope that at least it is very practical, very logical advice about laying the basic groundwork can get you started in the right direction. Because I got to tell you something twitch, the community is awesome.

I’m having a lot of fun over there, and I hope you choose to join us whether you choose a stream or they choose to watch and engage in chat and have a lot of fun. I’d love to see you there, so my diddly-doo, my information is in the description box below, you can go there and check it out.

You can watch previous streams, you can try to catch me in either way. I’m glad that you’re here watching me wherever you are right here on YouTube. Thanks and I’ll talk with you soon.

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