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How to Live Stream and Activate on Twitch TV For Free Com

It is Derrick here from vgak Derrick and today I’m going to teach you at home about how to live stream on the best possible way to live stream and for free. You don’t have to buy any programs, the program I use is completely free. You can not only use it to stream, but also use it to record videos.

It’s a pretty awesome program. The very first step in live streaming on is that you’re going to have a decent computer, like a decent gaming PC or laptop and you also need to have good internet. If your internet is not very good, and you or your parents aren’t paying for the best Internet out there.

You will not be able to live stream, so make sure you ask your parents. Make sure you check on your computer and make sure it is up-to-date with all the best hardware so that you can stream on Twitch.

Secondly, we are on the website the site where you will be doing all your streaming on. In order to live stream, what you will have to do is to make an account. If you don’t have an account on, what you need to do is to head over to the sign-up button in the top, click that little button and write in whatever name and password you want. It’s going to write some random stuff. Fill all information, make yourself an account and sign into your account.

The next thing you need to do is to download the actual streaming program, which we have over here, open broadcaster software. This is a completely free program that is used to stream on You can also use it to record videos. I use its programs to record almost all of my videos and it is such a good program, so much better than fraps.

I can’t even tell you how many times I have had problems with fraps, do not use fraps, use OBS. So what you want to do is to hit this little download button, here a little thing will pop up asking you some questions. You press install and it’s a really easy instal. Once you have installed it, you will have this program here.

Open broadcaster software, I am using this offer to record this footage, so you can’t see it. But I’ll flash it for a second, there is a vortex of Windows happening, but ignore that. So what you’re going to do? First, you should head over to the settings and press settings again. Look at this, we got all of our settings, so you can choose your language, whatever language you speak, and then head over to broadcast settings. Now if you want to record videos to your computer, you hit file output only. If you want to record videos to a live some, you may change that to live stream.

So you want to choose your streaming service, which is going to be twitched slash, it’s twitch TV. Now you want to choose your server and then your stream key your play path or your stream key. How so many people always ask to do? I find my stream key.

All you going to do is just to leave here for a second head over back to our window. I’m doing this all on OBS, it’s so simple and fun, you will head over to twitch and you’re getting one of your accounts. You go over to dashboard and you press stream key and something a little piece of advice for you, do not ever give away your stream key to anybody ,don’t record it.

If you can do a tutorial on how to stream, never show anybody a stream key. If someone happened to copy and paste or type out your stream key, they could stream on your twitch account whenever they wanted. So I’m sure you don’t want random people on the internet streaming on your twitch account, that is why I just leave mine like this.

For what you want to deal with is to press show key head over, back to OBS and you want to copy and paste that into the play path slash stream key. Now when you first out OBS, there might have some settings you need for twitch. So I just flash through all of my settings that I use to stream twitch in HD, and you can copy those down.

If you were down doing this, it I’ll give you a few seconds right now, just to look at my settings for you to copy. Now that you have downloaded OBS, you have changed all your settings. It is time to live stream, so what do you want to do? Live stream should be a little button down here, since I am recording right now.

There is no button, but this preview stream button should be highlighted and that is a very handy dandy button that will let you see what you’re about to live stream before you live stream. So you want to add a scene, click you press add scene, call it whatever you want, and then your sources will pop up.

So for your sources, let’s say you want to record a game with a face cam. What you want to do is to click press, add scene. And you can see here, you got a bunch of options, a window capture monitor, capture image slide show, text video capture device or game capture.

Since you want to be recording your game with your face cam, the game would be considered game capture and your face cam would be considered a video capture device, a webcam. So you want to click game capture, this screen will pop up. Now the application you want to choose will be your game, so look for your game. Click that game and then you can choose all these options.

If you want to stretch the image, if it doesn’t fit your screen, you can properly do that. If you want to capture the mouse cursor or not, you can check or uncheck all this good stuff. Once you do that, you press OK and add it. I will cancel for the sake of this video, but let’s say you’re using a capture card to record your gameplay.

What you’re going to do is to go here and a capture card is considered a video capture device, just like your webcam. So you go down to video capture device and you have everything your device, so you can choose either your game play capture device or your webcam. You can mess up with the settings you want.

You can do a custom resolution, the default resolution will be 720 by 1280, which is an HD resolution. And if you want to add your mic right here, you can do that, choose all the levels. Once you have added that, you press OK. That is basically how you stream on Twitch using OBS, you can always mess around with your settings.

It’s easy to play stuff where you want it to be, you just press edit scene and you can move anything anywhere across your little thing. Then you press start streaming, go over to your twitch to make sure it works. You’re streaming on twitch. If this video helps you a lot, be sure to boom kick that like button down below. If you want to follow me on Twitch, which I will be doing a live stream shortly with me and my friend.

My twitch account is vgak community or vgak community. Be sure to follow me, so you will know when I am streaming. If you are new to this channel and you want to join the VG community,all you got to do is to hit that subscribe button to have so much fun on this channel with me and all the amazing people.

If you have any questions, be sure to leave it in the comments below. I will reply to you about these questions to help you out. Thank you and I will see you in my next video.

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