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How to Start a Twitch TV Channel in 6 Minutes at Activate. Com

Welcome to another tutorial, in this video we’re going to go over the entire process of making a twitch channel in the shortest amount of time. To step into things, the first thing you’re going to want to do is to twitch TV and sign up for account. You can make your username to be whatever you want, your password to be whatever you want, you set your birth date and then set your email.

Once you have all that done, make sure you don’t screw up on the CAPTCHA, like I’ve done twice in this video already and hit sign up. Once you have a twitch account made, go to dashboard, click your username and go to dashboard and click on stream key, hit show key, that’s the first step done.

The next step is to go to speed, hit settings go down. Make sure it’s set on kilo bits, hit save, go back to the main page and start a speed test. Now that the speed test is going, open a new tab and go to OBS type, Google OBS, go to the OBS, hit download, make sure you have Windows or whatever your operating system is.

And then hit download installer, I have it already installed, so I’m going to open it right here for you. All these boxes are going to be cleared, but that’s no problem. Now that you’re here, hit the Settings button, here English or whatever language you speak, setting profile doesn’t matter. And then you’re going to check this if you want your cursor to show up in a stream.

Then we go over to encoding, make sure it’s on x264, use CL CBR, all these settings are like mine for your max bitrate. You’re going to make sure you have a number that’s less than whatever your upload speed is, so we’re going to let our speed test finish, which it just did. So I have a 12000 kilobytes per second upload speed, you can set this number to be as high as you want, but you have to keep in mind that your viewers have to have a download speed of at least.

You don’t want to choose a ridiculous number, so I find 3000 works quite well. But if your internet doesn’t have at least 3000 upload speed, you’re going to watch you as a number less, I find 3000 works well, in 2,000 works. Copy all the settings here for broadcast settings. I assume you’re going to live stream, you can also use OBS to just record your screen.

So if you want to do that, you can hit file output only. But I assume you want a live stream, so pick live stream twitch or any website you want to choose for the next thing, choose a server that’s closest to you. If you’re from the UK, choose the one from London . If you’re from Japan, choose the one from Tokyo. I’m from Washington, so I choose the LA one here.

You’re going to go back to where you had your stream key on Twitch and just select it, copy it, go back to OBS and paste that here, you’ll want auto reconnect on a 10-second reconnect timeout and for your delay. If you’re playing a game like say League of Legends and the other people can get advantage by watching your stream, you’ll increase your stream delay to say maybe five minutes so that they can’t screen peak since I stream run escape.

It doesn’t really matter if people screen piqued me. So if you want your stream to be saved to a file on your computer, you can watch it later, hit save to stream key file and then choose location video. I’m going to change anything.

OK, the next thing for video is that you’re going to use your graphics card. I have two, so I get two choices, but you should only have one. Then choose your resolution. If you want to do 1080p, you can choose that. If you have the upload speed or you can choose 720p, 720p works quite well. If you want down scaled, you can do that.

I would say to record it at 720p and not downscale it, 30fps works great. Audio settings should be like this, audio isn’t as important as video. But you can copy my settings and then nothing else really matters. So you can just hit OK or cancel, I’m just going to hit cancel.

So the next thing you’re going to do is to click in this box, hit add scene for you, this will be your first one, you can call it whatever you want. I’m going to call a tutorial, hit OK and then over the sources, right click and hit add. We’re going to first open the game we want to play, which is run escape.

We open that up, let it load, so we can get to the login screen and then minimize it, hit add. I’m assuming you’re streaming game, so you can hit game capture. What does it call the game and then choose what you want to be, you have to have run escape, open for it to show up. So we’ll put that over there, we change the settings for over what you want them to be.

We got run escape, hit add. If you have a webcam here, you can hit video capture device, type in webcam, this is all good for me and then preview. The stream things aren’t going to be right, so you’re going to edit your scene and hit the edit scene button and shrink down that for the game you’re going to position it, so that it is the right size.

Let me log in to run escape so that you can see, I don’t mind it’s not going to login, but you can resize it with these little drag things, or just right-click it and position size and decide to one of the preset things like 50 screen, which works quite well. Once you have your stream all set up, you can hit stop, preview, start streaming just like this.

And open up your twitch again, go to your profile, see that says it is offline now. But in a few seconds, it should say that you’re online. We are online streaming in less than 6 minutes, I hope that you enjoy this quick little live stream tutorial. Make sure to subscribe if you enjoy and thank you.

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