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How to Stream to Twitch TV on PS4 at Activate. Com

I’m going to show you how to stream to twitch with your PlayStation 4. So we’ve got the PlayStation 4 dashboard loaded up. The first thing you want to do is to set up your twitch account and how you are going to do when you’re at the dashboard, go ahead and press the share button on the PlayStation 4, controller that’s going to bring up this where you can upload a clip or upload a screenshot.

Then you see down there at the lower left corner, it says options. So we’re going to press the options button on the controller and go to share settings. From here, you go to broadcast settings and this is all your settings for, when you live stream through the PlayStation 4.

So first thing you want to do is to sign in your twitch account or Ustream account, that’s where you go to manage account information and you can see say view stream or I’ve already got my twitch account loaded in there. So you can delete it, this is where you can update information for either account.

So once you have that, you go back, and you can mess with the settings with comments on the screen with or without them. You can use the microphone from the PlayStation 4 camera or the headset and you can include your video from the PlayStation camera in your broadcast.

I would imagine you’d always want that set on high, because what it does is that it is based on your internet connection, it’s going to give you the output quality. If you have a good upload speed, good internet connection, it’s going to go ahead and give you the best quality. Slower ZAR is not going to be good enough, but I would always recommend leaving this a high.

So you get the best possible output, once this is all set up, you need to load up a game. So you back out of that and you pick a game, let’s load up blacklight retribution. So we can go ahead and start that boom. Once the game has been loaded up, what you’re going to do is to press that share button again.

And then broadcast gameplay, you click on broadcast, you can choose Ustream or twitch, I have the twitch account. So I’m going to go ahead and choose twitch, select that and then this is where you get the options. If you have your Facebook or Twitter account linked up through the PlayStation Network, you can post a link every time you live stream.

So you can check mark, Facebook boom will go ahead and do it. If you let who’s going to do, it gives you an automatic message you can edit, and then you can update the message. So I’m going to delete this, because that’s not Killzone using the motion controller. I’m going to say black light, and then I’ll put gameplay done, black light gameplay start, broadcasting boom.

My camera, my PlayStation cameras a little off to the side, so that’s why it’s not there. But you see in the upper right corner, the broadcast has started boom. So if I was out there, I’m looking good. So you can see who’s watching comments are going to be down below and you are live streaming.

When you are done, click that share button one more time and stop broadcasting, which is as simple as that. PlayStation did an awesome job in incorporating this live streaming software and equipment all with the PlayStation 4, it’s thoroughly easy and extremely convenient. I like it and it’s high quality, too.

If you got the internet connection, you’re going to get a good live stream, it’s easy to use and I’m enjoying it so far. So if you have any questions, let me know in the comments down below.

If you’re new, be sure to subscribe and follow me on Twitch, because I’m going to be live streaming a ton as I have a ton of games to play on my new PlayStation 4. Also, if you don’t enjoy the video, let me know with a like and until next time I’m bond fire. And I will see you online.

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