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Wayfair.com on Rachael Ray Show Returns

Description: This article is intended to show the wayfair-com-returns. There are two room designers competing, in which the furniture, decoration and the way of furnishings are all from wayfair.com.

We are going to get twice the design advice because I’ve got a design challenge for two of our favorite designers, John Gidding and Tanya Nina. He’s going to talk to us at once. If somebody wanted that apartment rent free for a year, it was very cool.

They picked my environment they did. We thought you two had so much fun with that challenge. We would bring you back for a double challenge over here. We have constructed two big white rooms. Let’s scream for designers behind me.

We have a mountain of furnishings from wayfair.com. There are at least two of everything. You have all the same design tools to use. But here’s the rub. You only have one hour to decide the rooms.

By the end of the show we want to see two completed rooms that are completely different. John, what is your toughest part of a challenge? I was this small of a window of time. It’s all about trying to switch up things.

I want to make mine look as different as possible from hers. It’s about looking at furniture in different ways that’s going to be the toughest challenge for me. Because finally you’ve got sexuals and chairs.

How do you make them look different? You got any ideas cooking up an airhead. I have lots ideas cook it up a little bit in my head right now. This is good stuff to work with. You have seen some of the things that we have to deal with in the paper.

It was a good start. This is a nice pile of stuff. I wish that would fall off a traffic. I wonder if I can answer one of those.

At the beginning of the show I gave the design challenge to these two very talented designers John Gidding and Tanya Nina. I favor both given the exact same pieces of furniture. In each challenge to make two completely white rooms look completely different and completely done all within the one hour of the show, that’s a big catch.

We’re both big talkers and we were speechless. But we saw all that stuff piled up there. It looked like a garage sale in here. I thought it went swimmingly. I rocked it out of the park. You get away with that. He’s so humble trying to talk some smack.

The proof will be when you see the rooms which room came out a little nicer. I’m going to ask you guys to clap it out at the end. Let’s remind everybody before they were big old white rooms.

Let’s spin around. I’ll ask for your vote. John tell us what you did on your side in your room. One thing I immediately embraced was the decals that we had to use which are basically simple stickers.

I put them right onto the walls first. Then I painted it yellow and painted the blue on top and remove the decals. So now I’ve got this negative space tree. You use the decals as a template. It is easy and it’s such a simple little trick to create a lot of interest on the walls.

The other thing is that you don’t necessarily have to position a chandelier in the center of a space. You can position it based on where furniture is which always works out nicely. That’s great because you have reading lamps essentially and it accentuates these beautiful reflective surfaces right underneath them.

The room seems like a large space and it isn’t a tiny box. It’s mainly because of how I space plant. But I’ll leave the furnishings wrap around the wall keeping a lot of traffic area open exactly. That’s the great thing about these amazing sectionals.

A zillion things for the home are what we found on that website. Finally this is a great little coffee table that you picked out. I sliced off the legs of it and flipped it underneath. These L shelves and unique table are clutters. That was very good.

Tanya shows us what she does. It is the same stencils that John use on the wall to get that great decal. You spot them on the little Ottoman cube. I created a zebra tape on these mirrored cubes. I need to use the leaves. It took literally about five minutes to finish each cube. That’s fantastic.

I love the graph on your wall. Because I did it at orange. You can paint it right onto the wall. Not only on the wall I’ve painted on my chairs. I am still a little cocky. I used that frog tape, the green tape. It was perfect.

I taped off a little chevron pattern and created these funky chairs. They are fabulous. These are vases and you turn them upside down. Turn them into cool way. You pop up and stick them on. There is a lot to learn.

We did the challenge. Who got victory today? If it’s going to be a 2-time here or one time. Give it up for Gidding. Tanya wins who created the city jungle.

They’re both great rooms. Can we all agree on that? Because they both look cool. You can find it all – the artistic add-ons. You could check it all out yourself.

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