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Why I Love Working at WayFair at Returns. Com

This is Nourish and Steve, the two co-founders of WayFair. We think WayFair is just a fantastic place for you to have fun, build a great career, meet a lot of interesting people and learn a lot of interesting things. We’ve got a great team and we’d love you to consider joining it.

Here at WayFair we’re never done. I work with the Scheduling Department here in Galway, in which we schedule people a free-paid day off to volunteer with a charity of their choice. Just last month, me and a group of my co-workers volunteered to help paint the home of an elderly woman. It is true. We really helped people and we’re never done.

My name is Sara. I’ve worked in a number of different industries, but none of them have empowered their employees or transparency the way WayFair does. Since the first day, it’s fostered in us that we’re an open book part of the WayFair spirit. We share information, not just between ourselves but also with our customers. It really starts the ground up.

All of our meeting rooms are glass, our work spaces are open plan and the managers sit among the teams. It is the best example of transparency I can give. I was a couple of weeks out. I went to my manager with a customer issue, and he genuinely didn’t know the answer, but wasn’t afraid right in front of me to turn to ask his colleague.

I am Anais. I like to work with WayFair because we work on how to serve our customers, but we also have each other at all times. It is gladly appreciated especially when you first start in a company. After staying in WayFair for eight months, I have had new staff. We’ve made discussion on any question and they have everyone enter each other and it is hard to require working environments. The supervisors are also available to guide us and give great support to our development within our teams. Working in WayFair, we use our brains.

My name is Eoin. I graduated from MIT with the degree in Green Business Computing in 2012. I started working in WayFair only nearly three years ago. I started off as a Sales and Service Consultant. Over time, I was well-trained and I learned a few different things and moved from department to department, and eventually I settled in finance. I’ve been working there since November 2014, which is an experience I really enjoy.

My name is Birte. I love working for WayFair because we have such a multicultural office. We have people from all over the world working here with varied backgrounds. Everybody has a unique and different story which creates a very vibrant as well as diverse working environment. Not only do we get to learn about cultures and languages, but we also get to learn about people. We learn from each other every single day, and we use our brains all the time.

I’m Pete. We love resilient options. I’ve been working at WayFair for over two years and have worked on a couple of departments such as customer service and freight department. Now I’ve been given the opportunity to manage my own team even at lunch. We don’t just have to have our lunch, but also have options to go and play pool, play the PlayStation or even go out on our balcony and play pitch and push. I love working out.

My name is Silke, Congo Training Manager. I’ve been with WayFair for the last six and a half years. We were hired from non-traditional background, which just shows how much we value different opinions and inputs when it comes to problem-solving. Another element what we really believe in for our people here is giving them a solid foundation in their careers, especially through training. When we look at online courses, we look at in-house training and also external to make sure that you are given every opportunity to build your career at WayFair in a way that inspires you.

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