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Comcast and Verizon LTE Bundle in The Xfinity Mobile at Activate. Com

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Today I want to talk about a little tech with you and I want to talk about Comcast and some new services they’re rolling out. Comcast has introduced their new Comcast Xfinity mobile and it’s their new LTE networking. They call it their network, but it’s really leveraging Verizon’s LTE network.

I don’t see anything on their website saying that they’re partnering with Verizon, but it is confirmed by some third-party sources that they are using Verizon’s LTE network, which makes me excited. Because I’m a customer for both Verizon and Comcast, I use both the Xfinity internet and I also have many smart phones connected to a Verizon mobile network.

So I could technically bundle them. They say that I can save, but are the savings really there? We’re going to take a little deeper look into the pricing. Let’s look a little closer at the pricing on Comcast website. There’s an article that talks about the pricing in more details on the corporate website. It says there’s no line access fees that you could save money by paying for only the gigabytes that you use, which is a great option for some people.

But the way we consume data these days, it’s not typical for most people to lean towards this package. Let’s say somebody who only uses a gig or two a month. It might be the best way to go for you. There’s also unlimited data, but this is where it trips me up a little bit. It’s $65 a line, which is more expensive the Verizon’s plan.

Only if you have the best X1 packages, you can get that $45 per line, like what Verizon is offering. You can buy the gig pay, this is a cool option that a lot of people don’t give you within your family. You can have flexibility, you can mix and match between somebody.

Let’s say a small child who only uses a few gigs, they could be on the per gig plan. Big Daddy using all the data, he can be on that unlimited plan. So if you’re in the Comcast ecosystem or considering switching to Comcast’s, this could be one more enticing thing, having your cellphone’s on the same bill.

I think that’s one thing, even if you’re not saving money, you have one bill, which I would enjoy. That makes life easier for me, but I think it is the whole concept of having Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots all throughout the city you can connect to, because you’re a Comcast user. Let’s say you’re in a dead spot or out of the city, you can use your LTE, which is also a great network.

So it could make a lot of sense for a lot of people, now for people who just want sailor service. Comcast might not be your best option, because your savings come when you bundle with them and have other services with Comcast. But I think it’s a great new option and it shows the future of cellular capabilities, where you’re switching back and forth from hot spots to your LTE network. That’s what a lot of other people are doing.

Google’s even do any another, they’re in every market, but their solution is called Project Phi, you can check it out. But what do you think you are going to stay with whoever you’re with, you want to bundle in with Comcast? I’ll see you in the next video.

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