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How to Self-Install Digital Adapters at

How To Self-Install Digital Adapters

How to install HD and SD digital adapters. This video covers unpacking, plugging in, activating service, remote control set up and out of sight installation Xfinity is switched to an all digital platform, so that means you’ll need to install a digital adapter if your TV isn’t already connected to a digital set-top box.

Your self installation kit includes your digital adapter box, two coax cables, a power cord, a remote control in two double-a batteries, a list of remote control codes to pair with your TV or adapter, adhesive fasteners to store your digital adapter out of sight and are easy to follow an instruction booklet and Quick Start guide.

If you install an HD digital adapter, you’ll also find an HDMI cable, number labels to match your remotes if you install multiple adapters and velcro straps to keep your cords organized. If you install a standard definition digital adapter, your kit will contain a remote control signal receiver that looks something like this.

You can store your digital adapter out of sight. Now you’re ready to begin your digital adapter, which goes between the cable outlet on the wall and your TV. If this is the first time you set up Xfinity TV and don’t already have a coax cable connected to the wall, use one of the cables that came with your installation, kit attach the coax cable to the wall.

Now attach the loose end to the back of the digital adapter box in the port that says cable in or RF in, Now you’ll need to connect your adapter box to your TV for HD TVs. You’ll use the HDMI cable that came with your kit, simply connecting one end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI port on the back of your digital adapter box and connect the other end to one of the HDMI ports on the back of your television for standard def TVs.

Use the shorter coax cable that came with your kit, attach one end to the two TV port on the back of your digital adapter box, connect the other end to the cable in or RF in port on the back of your TV. Whether you’re connecting HD or SD, plug the power cord into your digital adapter box and plug the other end into a power source.

Now you’ll need to make sure you’re receiving a signal, using your TV’s remote control, turn your television on. If you use the HDMI cable, use your TV’s remote control to tune your TV to the correct HDMI input. For standard def installation, set the switch on the back of your digital adapter to three and tune your TV to channel 3.

If you don’t receive a signal, you might need to set your adapter box and tv2 to channel 4, you’re almost done. Now you’ll activate your digital adapter, which you can do in two convenient ways. Visit us online at now or call our automated activation line at 18886344434, you’ll need your Comcast account number and name on the account, you can find your Comcast account number in the instruction booklet and on your receipt or bill.

If you activate more than one adapter box today, you’ll need the serial numbers for each box handy. Before you call, you can find the serial number on the bottom of each digital adapter or on the outside of your self installation kit box, please make sure that you’ve connected all the digital adapters you’ve ordered before you call us to activate them.

Now your new digital adapters are activated, let’s confirm that your Xfinity service is running smoothly. After activating your digital adapter, you’ll need to wait a few minutes. Now turn on your TV with your TV’s remote control or power button, and make sure the light on the front of the adapter is solid, not blinking.

If you see live TV your service is working, the final step is to activate your new remote, so it will work with your digital adapter box or TV place the batteries into your new remote. Then visit us online at and follow the on-screen instructions for the remote control that came with your kit.

After you program your remote, you can use it to control your TV. Your remote is properly programmed when the on/off volume and mute buttons are working. Now you’re ready to start watching TV for standard def installations. If you want to place your digital adapter out of sight, you’ll need to use your remote control signal receiver to pick up signals from your Xfinity remote.

Just plug the remote control signal receiver into the our end port on the back of your digital adapter, now place your digital adapter in a more discreet location, use the adhesive fasteners to keep it secure. Next, place the remote control signal receiver in a clear line of sight in the front of your TV and test it to make sure the signal receiver is picking up your remote signal.

Now you’re ready to enjoy all the entertainment you love. For more Xfinity how-to videos, go to

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