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My Xfinity Mobile First Impressions Activate

Description: Here is an article about xfinity-com-activate, which records the experience of using  the Galaxy S 9 plus. The author will show us how to activate the new phone and tell us his first impression on his Xfinity Mobile.

I want to write this to let you know what my experience so far has been with Xfinity Mobile. I wrote another passage about a week or so ago explaining why I decided to switch from t-mobile – Xfinity mobile and I ended up getting the galaxy s 9 plus.

That came in the mail the same day that Tomcat said it would come. That’s one good thing but so far with this the reason why I decided to switch to reiterate is the price. With a spend to be mobile for unlimited everything and the galaxy s 9 plus paying month by month, I’m going to be paying about between 83 to 85 bucks a month for service as opposed to t-mobile for the same thing.

I was spending over a hundred bucks for that. I’m saving some money with that. The process of getting this all set up surprisingly went well. I didn’t have a hard time at all. I wanted to port my number over from t-mobile – Xfinity mobile. That was easy.

Before the phone came, I got an email telling me that I could put my details in ahead of time to make the process move a little bit faster. From that webpage I had to enter some t-mobile details the account number and the pin number that I set up with it.

The last four digits of the social security number probably are some other common verification information. When you get your phone, you can come back and start to activate it. When I got the phone, I went to the website. I didn’t turn the phone on because you’re not supposed to before you activated in portrait number.

You had to go to Xfinity to activate. That was the website and everything there was automated. You start the porting process and this is going to take about 10 minutes. It was less than 10 minutes. I got an email saying that I was good to go. And then I was able to turn the phone on and go through all the regular steps that you do.

When you get a new phone, sign into your accounts. You can bring in data that you backed up or whatever you want to do. But the service was up and running quickly. I didn’t have to call anybody. I didn’t have any errors or any problems. It went very smoothly.

I am happy about. So the way that Xfinity mobile works is that they are partnered with Verizon Wireless, the biggest mobile phone carrier in the country as far as the depth and range. Their signal can go out. You use that network.

You also have Comcast’s wide array of Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots. Basically if you have internet service with Comcast and you have one of their Wi-Fi routers, you’re most likely putting out a secondary Wi-Fi signal.

Other Comcast customers can latch onto that and log into the network. They got those all over the place and I’d imagine that most people don’t know what’s happening. When you have the Wi-Fi on you either are going on Verizon’s network or you’re bouncing between these Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots.

I try to find which hotspots I will be bouncing from. While I was in the car at a stop sign or stoplight, I saw myself going on to one but I couldn’t keep checking. Because I was driving. I keep it on to see how things are going to be as far as speed goes in my area. I get LTE speeds from Verizon Wireless on the status bar. It says LTE Plus and the speeds are going to differ.

Those speeds are to make you think that the speeds are super fast or they’re super slow. Because they vary from area to area where I work which is in a more densely populated area where there’s a lot of people closer to the core of the city.

The speeds are going to be a lot faster. When I checked, I ended up getting me about eighty or so megabits per second down in about 36 up. When I’m at home, it’s not quite fast. It’s about 40 down and maybe about 7 to 10 up.

As far as you know how that translates into using your phone on the network, the types of speeds  are waiting a long time for pages to load. It works fine but usually when I’m at home I’m using the Wi-Fi network.

My own personal Wi-Fi network has nothing to do with Comcast. We got very good speeds. Everything works out well from that.

Most people don’t do a whole lot of talking on the phone but I talk to my mom driving home from work which is about a 40-minute drive. When I was talking on the phone, the Wi-Fi was on and I didn’t have any problems talking to her. No dropped calls. It had a strong signal throughout the entire conversation.

I took a little trip to Toys R Us and went inside there. A lot more people are walking in. They’re closing and throughout that whole process no problems at all.

Another thing at my job with t-mobile is that I usually had a hard time nailing a signal inside the building. I would go from LTE to 4G and sometimes I couldn’t even do anything on the internet. Because the phone was struggling to find a signal and then at the same time it would drain the battery trying to pull down that signal.

I would try to check Twitter and if I’m doing that for five minutes. I could feel my galaxy s7 edge getting warm and it would absolutely destroy the battery. I was hoping that with Xfinity mobile and Verizon’s Network that would not be a problem.

And it has not been a problem I’ve been able to maintain my LTE status even at work inside the buildings. I haven’t tried it with some common dead zones that I’ve gone to in the past like certain Walmart’s and certain targets. I can imagine maybe the same thing will ring true for those stores as well.

So far it’s been so good. I take it for granted. It’s only been a few days less than a week but I’m happy with it. The biggest deciding factor why I wanted to switch was the price. Spending is less than I was paying with t-mobile probably about 25 to 30 dollars. I don’t like Comcast. I think it is a horrible company with garbage customer service.

But credit is due in this Xfinity mobile service. It definitely seems to be in the right direction or at least a good service overall. I’m going to try to keep you updated on what’s going on with Xfinity mobile.

If things continue to work out well, there may not be too much more to write. Down in the comments. If you have Xfinity Mobile let me know what your experience has been with that. If you’re thinking about Xfinity Mobile and you have some questions, put those in the comments as well and I’ll try to answer them. If I can’t answer them maybe someone else will answer. I am recording this on the Galaxy S. Thanks for reading.

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