10 year old car chase

The 911 Emergency of 10-year-old Car Chase Com

Description: This article is talking about the 911 emergency, it is the crime of an overweight white male with AR and jeans on.

Nine-one-one what’s the address of your emergency? I need an ambulance and the police right now, someone has been shot, please send the officer now, he’s got a loaded gun. Shut your sirens down, I’m not going into the house, you shoot, stand by.

No. Stop. Let’s go, let’s go. Get someone here right now, he’s shooting now. And who is he shooting now? He is shooting one of my neighbors. Stop. Hands up. Stand by, get the shield out of my truck, he is shooting now, stand by.

He has an AR, he’s in the house, I need units on the north and the Konstantinos, we need to lock this block down, I don’t know if he ran up the block or if he went back in the house, just hold it, put your arm underneath it, get your gun out. He’s a big white male, overweight, he’s got a black AR, and he’s got jeans on.

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