10 year old car chase

The Talk about 10-year-old Car Chase Com

Description: This article is talking about the story of a 10-year-old boy who stole his dad’s car keys and drove on the road and chased by the police

This is not the normal police chase, behind the wheel of the silver car is a ten-year-old boy driving for nearly fifty miles at times going a hundred miles an hour, sometimes into oncoming traffic, went through a tollbooth.

This morning we are finally hearing from the father of this boy, he said his sister was getting his son ready for school when the ten-year-old took the keys and took off.

The chase ended by they gently bumped the car here, it ended up getting stuck, hit the sign, they boxed him in Ohio State Troopers. When they got to him the ABC station in Cleveland, they said the boy was OK but started spitting at troopers and tried to kick one of them.

He could have hurt somebody, he could have hurt himself or he could have been killed orcould have killed somebody else. The boy’s family thinks he may have learned to do this from video games.

This isn’t the first time he’s done this, police say the boy stole his mom’s car earlier this month, drove down the freeway with three flat tires that kid is grounded for life.

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