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Active and Passive Voice Elementary School Version

Description: The article below is mainly designed to show us the topic on active voice. We will learn something related to active and passive voice which is incredibly important way to get the message across in a succinct clear manner in writing skills, we can also know some differences between the active and the passive voice.

It is at UBC as part of an ambitious project involving instructors students staff and talking squirrels, we are developing videos to help you with your writing skills, because communicating science effectively is an incredibly important part of being a good scientist grammar score and her friends have heard that using the active voice is a good way to get their message across in a succinct clear manner, but they don’t know the differences between the active and the passive voice.

After spending some time with her nose in a book grammar squirrel explains with the help of an example, first she says it’s important to work out what the subject of the sentence is, this is nice and easy, it’s the first meaningful part of the sentence that comes before the verb.

In the active voice, the subject actively performs the action which is described by the verb, so in this example, the instructor is actively choosing the squirrels partner in the passive voice, however, the action described by the verb is performed on the subject rather than by the subject.

So why does this matter? You’ll notice that the image arising from these two sentences is the same, but there is a subtle difference and it lies in house extinct, the two versions are grammar squirrels friends, remember that they should always strive to be short and snappy in their writing and using the active voice will help them achieve this.

In the first example, the passive version sounded a little bit clumsy and it also used more words than the clear succinct active voice version, the difference between seven and nine words might not seem that bad, but that’s because we’re looking at a simple single sentence.

Imagine how difficult it could be to read a long report, if it was full of long-winded unclear passive voice sentences to see whether her friends have understood grammar scroll decides to reread the notes from her recent distillation lab.

So here’s the first one grammar. Bahji mixed the solutions and observed the color change, maybe they haven’t got it, what about you? Is this sentence written in the active or the passive voice? Remember start by working out the subject of the sentence, it is great.

If the subject is actively performing the action of the verb, this must be written in the active voice, grammar score was the second example, by that point two of our test tubes had already been broken, it seems that her friends are still a little bit confused.

But what about you? Do you think this is an active or a passive voice sentence, so remember begin by finding the subject which is great, because the action of the verb is passively being performed on it rather than by it, this must be a passive voice sentence like grammar squirrels friends, you might now be thinking that the passive voice is bad, but cheating why things are not quite simple although the active voice is generally preferable.

There are some cases, when the passive voice isn’t suitable, but it’s preferred, for example, sometimes we don’t want to give away precise details, sometimes we want to depersonalized situation on purpose, maybe we want to take attention away from someone, we don’t know who did something or perhaps the information would simply draw attention away from the real purpose of what we’re saying.

When grammar badger appeared in grammar squirrels notes, the YouTube is among those ones, you might not be surprised to hear that, when it comes to chemistry labs communication and life in general grandma badger don’t care.

So he thought it would be a good idea to choose grammar squirrel as his partner, because he knew she’d do more than her fair share of work, when he did lend a paw things, they weren’t very badly wrong, but rather than blaming grammar, badger grammar squirrel used the passive voice to D personalize the sentence.

She delivered to an angry teacher in her earlier example, if she’d been less sweet have used the active voice and got herself off the hook like this for a final example, let’s consider this messy scene here, it would probably be preferable to use the passive voice version and say a mess was left in the lab yesterday, because the mess is the purpose of the sentence.

Therefore, it’s more important than listing someone whose identity is unknown to recap, remember that using the active voice is preferred in most situations, there’s often a great way to say things more succinctly, this can be very useful when editing your work, because you’ll often find that you write things in the passive voice in early drafts, but on a second closer inspection, you should be able to make things less worthy and much clearer by using more of the active voice.

Finally, you might see lots of examples of passive voice in the scientific literature, this is because not so long ago, scientists taught one another, this was the preferred way to write about scientific results, but communication like science is always changing and more scientists are writing about their work using the active voice.

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