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Fluent Life Active Voice and Passive Voice with Examples English Grammer

Description: The passage concentrates on the topic of active voice. We will be indicated several examples which will be used to explain how active voice and passive voice are used, we can also be shown the ways to change active voice into passive voice, there are three things we need to remember.

Let’s look at how to change active into passive voice, there are three things that you need to remember, the first one is that you have to put the object, what do I mean by that? If I say I drew the car, if I want to change it into passive voice, I want to shift this, I want to remove this, what is the action driving, what am I driving? The car. So this comes first, the car and roof will change to the car was driven in each passive voice.

If you want to talk about who did this action, if you still want to name the person, you can see something, so if you are in the office and you are talking and somebody asks you who did not complete the project, so you can say there was time crunch.

The project could not be completed as simple as that, if you don’t want to name that person, remember the object comes first, so object becomes subject, so object comes first.

The second thing is that I wrote drove and in passive voice, I wrote was driven, so our next step would be verb to be changed, the work should be changed and the last is that you have to use the part participle form, what do I mean by that drive, drove, driven, eat, ate, eaten.

This is your work, positive verb, then this is your past tense and this is your past participle, so we have to use the last one, you can put the object first, then to be verb to be changed and then the past participle form, let’s look at the to be verb now which tends to change into that, so this is about the to be verb.

So let’s first see the present simple, if you remember present simple is about habits, the habits that we have, so the to be verb, it would be changed to this, it will be changed to it, what do I mean by that? If I say he sings a song, if I want to shift the focus, I can say first the object comes a song and things will change, it is a song, it will be a song and the past participial.

If you still want to bring back the focus to who sang it, you can say you have to put back, so if it is present simple change into it, it will always be like that, the next one is present continuous, what do I by present continuous?

Who is listening? So this is present continuous, I will change it, we change it into am being is being and are being, let’s take an example, if I say I am right in and I am writing an email, if I want to tell that email is the most important thing, what are you doing? Have you send the email, so you want to make the email the most important part.

So have you written the image? An email will be changed and the past participle of right is that Road is being written, the email is being written, so either you can say I am writing the email or you can say an email is being written.

Next is your present perfect, if present perfect basically has it, so this is going to change, let’s take an example, she has finished the painting, let’s change this, the object of the painting has finished, it will change to that, the painting has bill and past participle form is finished.

When you finish, the painting has been finished, so this is present, let’s go too fast, the first example we’ll take is of fast simple, so we will change this, we were changing it to an R, so present past simple will change to the world, let’s take an example, I eat my lunch, so it is present simple, I ate my lunch, I ate my lunch, a completed action, my lunch was eaten.

Let’s take another example, present continuous was changing to am being, so past continuous will change to was being, if it is many number, we will change to world, so we can say the children void play a game change it a game, so game is one, so we will use was being played, so I don’t care who played the game, for me, it was important that a game was being played, I could see someone playing the game, so it is past continuous.

Next is your past perfect, so your past perfect will basically change to had window, let’s take an example, they had watched the play, the play had been watched, so did you see the play? Yes. The play had been watched, let’s take a future tense, so a future tense would be future simple and we will write with this.

So I can say will change to will be, if you see a pattern, we are adding B add bin, she will buy a house, let’s see if you can change the sentence into passive voice.

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