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Introduction to Active and Passive Voice

Description: The article below mainly talks about the topic which is related to the point of active voice. The main content focuses on active and passive voice. From the material given, we can learn the concept of active voice and the sentence structures of both active and passive voices.

Today on English theater, it’s active voice versus passive voice, when you watch a movie or read a story, the characters don’t lay around and do nothing, these people get up and do things, they at least go for a walk, they have relationships they love, they struggle with each other, superheroes come in and save the day without action.

There’s no excitement, your writing shouldn’t be any different, making your writing active is asking too much, remember a subject has at least a subject and then something called accredited, the subject is what the sentence is about, the verb is the action of the sentence.

If your subject is doing the action you have, what is called active voice for exactly pump play his guitar sadly off is the subject to play this to her Anisha hates her computer and he shows the subject paces the Burton Boyd, she hates that thing.

There is another example, Jeff realized his paper was due today, look at him, break the thing before he gets his paper done, where’s he going to do? There is also another example, Tiffany screams her songs in the choir boy don’t want to stand too close, but Tiffany is the subject and screams is the verb now.

If the action is being done to your subjects, that is called passive voice, one example of this would be Shawn was made buffed by his workout, it might have worked, but the workout is making him both rather than Shawn doing it for himself.

Another example might be the phone was talked on for hours by Sally, this one does sound a little awkward and strange, but that’s what passive voice often does, it doesn’t sound quite right, when we read it or when we hear it, the restroom was needed badly by Sam.

I hope he makes it at the same time, I’m sure the restroom feels good for being needed, another example, the presentation was given by Olivia real key to figuring out whether something as a passive voice is looking for that little word, however, sometimes the sentence will end before you get to that little word by one way to tell whether it is active voice or passive voice, if it’s passive, you can add by zombies at the end of the sentence and it will make sense.

The report was written by zombies see passive voice makes sense chim was made very sad by zombies also has a voice look the race was won by some business. Zack was bitten by zombies, we’re all dead and we’re using passive voice at the same time.

When you get down to it, passive voice is frankly lazy and it’s awkward to read and listen to, you’re writing an active voice which is better for you and better for the reader, you fix it by getting rid of that and that worked by what’s the confetti sentence, the report was written by zombies, how would you fix that simple.

The zombies wrote the report zombies in the subject wrote is the verb down, Jim was made brief sat by zombies, this may be true, but it’s better to say zombies made Jim very sad, the race was run by zombies which is maybe true, but actively it’s better to say zombies won the race which probably means we’re all dead.

She was bitten by zombies which is bad enough, but by the time you get through saying that past the voice, he’s already turned and now he’s coming after us, you get out quickly, tell people that zombies it’s Zach, what it comes down to is this, let your subject do the work, save the passive voice for that time, let it be lazy, make your writing active created using powtoon.

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