active volcanoes in hawaii

Introduction to Active Volcanos in Hawaii

Description: The article covers the topic on active volcanoes in hawaii. The author will mention something about active volcanoes in Hawaii and lead us to see the wonderful view of the active volcanoes, trying to describe the details of the situation before and after the eruption during the process when they pursue for the beauty of lava.

I’m now at the volcano, we’re going to look it out, it’s nice place, I watched the video about how everything started 880 million years ago, it’s so crazy, but now we’re going to look at it and you can’t see the lava now or the one we are going now is not erupted, but the one we are going later, it is the daylight, you can’t see it, but at night, you can see, because it’s getting dark.

Can you see the lava? I’m excited, three hours up here, so it’s not that quick, but it’s definitely worth it, so let it go 24 degrees and bacteria, TV deal is fine, so watch what happens and it moves well, so sensitive the intake and the gravity, so when it says in is a very quick immediately, so that means every state they are last this way to deliver.

It has been a happy board, they are also in Japan, because too many enemies and their the temple opportunity named Jenny, we’re going to the lava this gear, look at that, the man died and we sold the hole like this, millions of years ago, the lava went through the mountain and created a ton of see on.

He went out and now you can walk through the tunnel, last night, we came and I know there’s water coming in early, they have lights inside which has been up in the night, you can walk it safely, but it was so much water that they shut down the life earth, that’s why I brought the hunter.

The last time we came within how many methods, if we are dark, all men see nothing and he was a man that has a lantern, so we also collect a little funny, we were all glued to each other, so we could follow him with a light and now experience and every blunder trafficking physical here.

That’s greater where the small vascular we’re implementing to rapidly 99-91 our 1959 active Earl all that should be the one you talked about, so let’s hope it’s not going to rat today, there are some cracks, you see that, I can come in like in the other one.

I started in me, how am I going to call? She’s like a tiny cold one, this is what my friends have talked about, the lava shot through here and created the tunnel and it’s getting all wet now, so they’re having trouble putting lights up here, but it looks like a time lapse, but it isn’t.

You can’t see downtown, that’s crazy, fast, it is insane, so low, I’ve never seen anything like that, it is so beautiful, let me see, Sam, anybody up, I want to go for it, I want to see the stars, he was the one, so this is how many times you get distributed, 17 Angeles uno dos tres cuatro Cinco seis.

I wish you so much, this is a tree, you know some industry, but then some other plants for you too invasive, I know it creates a different chemical to protect and sell from that environment, so that’s what it does close up very early, that’s cool, it’s amazing, trees are popping out.

You can’t happen like this lava and there’s heat, there is another thing, you have probably milk, get a cake, formed something at the bottom, all the way at the bottom, everywhere here and then they ding Christ and if you can mail this thing and we pop them up.

So I decided, a reason why such as moisture and seeds, so the reason why this part is Liza with that thing, if we go, it is still active, but if you go into the stick volcano, they have a same tree, but they have the fair per second tree fern over there is something.

Here isn’t that cool, that’s awesome, you know how it will look like and then it comes with giant trees, but there are also a lot of minerals in there, that’s also probably a reason or it grows so well, that’s why the coffee and the Senate have a coffee.

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