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Run with Us Thru An Active Volcano in Hawaii Volcano National Park VLOG

Description: The following article is mainly designed to focus on the topic of active volcanoes in hawaii. The author will go with her family trying to explore an active volcano in Hawaii Volcano National Park. We can see some of the details from going over the material below about the results and pieces of the volcano eruptions.

I’m going to run hitting high lead levels of dangerous gases that always there swear to god, it’s like change in elevation that makes me burp like crazy miss Coleman, one wants to see you tonight, that was all you pick, that was not scary, that’s the only warm up, I ever do to go running ankle circles, I heard it when you stretch before you run, more tendency of getting hurt.

I heard that you’d be so rigid, you know if you don’t stretch it and you end up pulling something, you’d be so rigid, if you don’t stretch, go away tender strips, you are ready, you look better, you’re skipping a lot yammer, look at this phone in my hickey like that, Tori flip back, I don’t run down hills.

So I don’t twist my ankles although someone did tell me once if you like arch your back a little bit and bend your knees, it’s easier, he told me that this morning, run it go faster, bend your knees arch, your back, watch your back a little more, it’s done, do it, there’s an inch from crawling across your forehead here.

Let me save him, he’s drowning in your sweat now, poor thing, they’re loaded into it, you’re safe, I think it’s the altitude I am gassed, I mean it’s also been all uphill, but we needed halfway man, this Fitbit is making me mad, two miles look so much longer than Joan, it is so long, you went the little butter fountain, I’ll take the big one.

So I think it is a little break, we look at your sweating waterfalls now, I want to be around people that read nine miles, I look at the map, let’s bend your knees Archibeque which is the downhill portion so much easier, I don’t think it was the altitude at all.

Hopefully, the wind doesn’t disturb this, so we came from the other side of this thingy dome will call it and then you take that trailer cinder cone, it’s simple and then there’s that trail the Byron ledge trail that some go from here all the way around and then it goes down into the crater and back up.

Then to the visitors center way over there and in here you ready, make sure your knees are bent our arch your back a little bit boy something on my face no itchy, you got grass, he fell over, it’s probably from the grassy, you sprung away from you and it came back and slapped me in the face.

I didn’t spring anything away from me, it probably slapped me in the face and then slap you in the face, I follow it too close, it took us 45 minutes to get there and then half an hour to get back, that is little nervous going into it psycho, am I going to run out of blood, sugar and glycogen?

But I didn’t pick a leakage, I know I felt like fog, I want to do this the first couple of steps and about 10 minutes, I was all happy getting ready, I feel like that, that is like unknown factor, I don’t like it with exercise, can I do a six mile trail, run up and down?

I don’t know, I am nervous, but I know I can, that’s good, it is made back to the car, Fitbit says it’s under five miles, I think it was more like nine nine and a half increased at least, apparently, we climbed eighty four flights of stairs or there.

I’m going to take another 30, do something else, maybe some young coconut, watch a scary movie, tired of those very much, let’s do it, it’s my day off to W a plane days off, I do not fret some smoothie to refuel with bananas and turmeric simple good.

But it’s important after you exercise to get your carbs in, because your body is good at getting glycogen into your muscles and liver now for the next two hours to take advantage, so your next workout can be equally as awesome get her keter, it’s been 15 minutes header.

It’s like kamikazes off the wall and tried to jump on keter somebody’s birthday 30, there’s an outright in here, we all know when you feel it, I feel like when you eat your session tapes, you sing, extend, are you supposed to have cake for your birthday or something like this? I know straight ahead, finish ever games, I’m one year, explore later.

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