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Introduction to 12 Most Active Volcanoes

Description: The point of the following article focuses on active volcanoes. The content shows us twelve most active volcanoes in the world, from the material below, we can know the characteristics of each volcano and their related events including the number of the lives claimed by the disaster and the deep influences after the eruption.

12 most active volcanoes, number 12 the AFV odd layer cuto the name for this Icelandic volcano literally translates to Island mountain glacier in English and it’s one of the smaller ice caps of Iceland, the ice cap blankets the caldera of the volcano, the summit at an elevation of five thousand four hundred and sixty-six feet was back in 2010.

An eruption has caused massive disturbance to air travel all around western and northern Europe roughly 20 different countries were forced to shut down their airspace to commercial jet traffic in more than 100,000 people were affected.

Number eleven, the hola Woon volcano, this happens to be one of the most active volcanoes in the Papua New Guinea region, the eruptions originate from the volcano’s central crater, there have been 22 Russians documented there since the 1700s in the last several years, the activity at little one has been quite regular with local residents consistently seeing many explosions that send up ash and lava into the nearby regions.

Because of the volcanoes extreme height, it’s at risk of a structural collapse that would prove to be seriously catastrophic and cause an eruption that will cover 200 square kilometers, the surrounding area.

Number 10, Mount Merapi in English Mount Merapi literally translates to Mountain fire which is a perfectly fit name for Indonesia’s most active volcano, this volcano is known for producing the most amount of lava flow than any other volcano on the planet since 1548.

This volcano has been regularly erupting, it has been active for the last 10,000 years, many experts hypothesize that this is the reason for the destruction of the Hindu kingdom of matter M was back in 2010 when an eruption had killed 353 people around 320,000 citizens never not the Sakurajima volcano.

The Sakurajima volcano is classified as a composite volcano and is located in Japan where it used to be its own Island, this changed when lava flows from volcanoes 1914 eruption connected it to the mainland, it’s often referred to as the Vesuvius of the east by several experts.

Because of the high levels of volcanic activity, each year, there are roughly thousands of small explosions that come from volcanoes summit the major eruption were to occur would spell out deadly consequences for the 700,000 citizens, Kagoshima who live only miles away from volcano. The city has even been equipped with special volcano shelters, people can go to avoid falling debris.

Number 8 Mount Vesuvius perhaps the most famous volcano in all of history is Mount Vesuvius that can be found in campaign Italy, Mount Vesuvius was a volcano that managed to bury the entire city of Pompeii along with Herculaneum and killing an estimated 16,000 people.

This volcanoes track record an active history have made it all too clear that it is one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the entire world, last time, this erupted was back in 1944 and usually has had an eruption cycle of 20 years, over 3 million people are said a live near the crater most notably the city of Naples, that is five miles east of the volcano. This volcanic region is the most densely populated area in all of the world.

Number seven, the to all volcano the ta’ala volcano nicknamed volcano island is classified as a cinder cone volcano can be found on the island of Luzon in the Philippines where it sits in the center of lake, it’s only 31 miles away from the country’s capital Manila, that is home to a population around 1.6 million people since 1572 volcano has had a staggering 33 eruptions reported, most of the eruptions restricted to the entry caldera region though there have been some that have completely destroyed the whole area. It’s believed that there have been between 5,000 and 6,000 people who died from the volcano’s eruptions.

Number 6, mount neha dango, mount neha de gallo is considered as one of the most active volcanoes that can be found on the continent of Africa, it’s famously known for its huge lava lakes which are often seen in its crater, neha de gallo poses a special threat to the neighboring communities.

As it’s a steep-sided stratovolcano that carries a massive lake of lava on January of 1977, the craters wall cracked and the lava drained out within the hour back in 2002 was a major explosion that caused 400,000 people to evacuate the lava flow managed to destroy 4,500 buildings, leaving 120,000 people homeless and another 147 dead.

Number five, the galletas volcano, the Galanos volcano can be found in the southern Colombian region close to the border where Colombia meets Ecuador amazingly, this volcano has remained active for at least the last 1 million years, the first recorded case of this volcano’s eruption was documented back in the year 1580.

There’s a small city named pasto that is found on the eastern slope and is the home to roughly 450,000 people which does raise some concern, the volcano managed to be dormant from 1978 to 1988, but during a conference to discuss its potential dangers, it ironically erupted and killed six scientists and three tourists for the last 16 years. It’s erupted almost each year.

Number four, the Popocatepetl, volcano Popocatepetl is a massive volcano whose summit is covered by a glacier and is located an estimated 35 miles from Mexico City, there are approximately nine million people that are currently living within the volcanoes blast radius and it is managed to erupt more than 20 times since 1519 last major eruption was documented back in 2000. It did erupted to a smaller degree earlier this year back on April 3rd.

Number three, the Yellowstone super volcano, Yellowstone National Park is recognized for its immense beauty, but below the surface of the park lies a super volcano that has the capacity to eviscerate the entire western United States and change the course of human history, the eruption of a super volcano is a phenomenon that has never been viewed by mankind should not be wished to be viewed.

Researchers believe that if the Yellowstone super volcano were to erupt, it would instantly kill around 87,000 people along with the ash and gas affecting the world’s food supply in unknown ways.

Number 2, the Kilauea volcano, the Hawaiian volcano has been active for the last 33 years and it’s been stated by the US Geological Survey that this is one of the most active volcanoes to currently exist on earth volcano has recently gotten a lot.

When MIT Culver was flying over the wall, Kano managed to capture this image of a smiley face in a lava lake crater, the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory states that the smiley face was formed by lava upwelling and downwelling that causes the lava spatter. As a result, the surface pulls apart to show the lava underneath.

Number one, the mon aloha volcano when it comes to the surface area and volume maan aloha is considered to be the largest volcano whole world, it also happens to be one of the five major volcanoes located in the Pacific Ocean that contributes to the geographical makeup of the Island of Hawaii.

This active volcano has been constantly erupting for the better half of seven hundred thousand years with its last major eruption happening back in 1984, the only threat this volcano poses is the flow of lava, however, its lava moves at such a slow pace that the danger level is very minimal.

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