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Active and Passive Voices in French

Description: The main idea of the following article focuses on active vs passive voice. We can learn active and passive voices in French and acquire some knowledge of the differences between French and English active and passive voices and a subtle difference between the written French and the spoken French.

Active and passive voices in French ways from Spanish online calm, let’s start with the difference between these two voices, the active and the passive voice in French and also in English when you say the most Letarte I eat the pie or I’m eating the pie, we say that it is the active voice, because the active voice is when the subject of the sentence makes the action, so here the action is Maji and who is making this action, it is a subject for this reason.

We have the active voice and now you understand what we are going to call the passive voice, when the subject does not make the action, so here we have let act emoji BAM wha the passive voice and we can say that here we have our subject like that.

But that does not make anything here, because this is my who is eating the pie, that’s a difference between the two voices, so let’s see now a bit more about the passive voice la voix passive in french let act a Moche bahawa, so to have the passive voice, we need first the verb to be the past participle of the verb and the preposition bar usually is bar.

As you can see here, because we have as an auxiliary, the verb etre, there is an agreement between the subject which is here feminine and the past participle, that’s why we need a final e at the end of the past participle.

But first remember the verb to be and the preposition power, we also need a transitive verb like monkey to eat, so what is a transitive verb? A transitive verb is followed with an object that answers to the question, what if you say I eat the pie, the question is what do you eat, the answer is the pie, this is the object, so we can say that the verb to eat or measure in French is transitive some verbs in French that are transitive does not want the passive form could lead to cost.

For example, Valois pouvoir is not possible to build a passive voice with this verb, so if you have them in an exercise, for example, you will know now that it is not possible to have the passive voice from this verb ser’ tactic like a creepily, so you remember that we said that we needed the preposition bar, but not all the time.

Fortunately, we don’t have a lot of verbs using the preposition instead, but usually both are possible, we have verb like that body durka vector decoders Riveter amid, but for example, here Amedeo, you can also say aim a path, there is no problem, but for you to know that you may find the preposition der for some verbs in many cases in French and that’s the difference between French and English.

We prefer to use the active voice in French, when we have the passive voice, we sometimes said that the sentence was inelegant, heavy and we prefer in this case to use the active voice, so here an example, set active played the clip early, so in French with either, it’s a bit in elegant, we’re going to see why.

After that, instead of saying that articulate a clip early, this article was written by him in French, we are going to say c’est lui T is a tactic, so here we have the active voice and we use the expression set with the pranam say Louie to translate in friend French.

This article was written by him, another example isn’t it, if they were hit instead of insulted, if we can say I’m ELISA happy, so here we use the natural planning on when you don’t have it, because they were using it, but we don’t know who did that tightly, we don’t have it.

For example, rubbers of thing like that, we don’t know, so when we don’t know, we can use the natural planning and we have in this case, the active voice only therapy like golden Epiphone Dec well again, it’s a bit heavy to speak like that.

So we can say under the paddle girl easy again with the natural planner, because we don’t know by the passive voice now and tenses different tenses, because with examples with the present.

If you have the active voice peer leader level, so peer is reading or read the book the passive voice will be relieved a loop up here, the book is right by peer, if you have one now, your little level will leave the loop armoire, so you remember this at this example.

We had the personal pronoun before we don’t like when we have path followed with a personal pronoun like moi 12 e LX cetera, so in this case, we prefer the active voice and we say Marquis leader level rather than low livre de palma lamp affair clear Lizzie level.

The passive will be reliever, I tell you Poppaea, if we take some examples with Shirley’s le livre, the passive voice will be like that, it’s not the passive voice, but instead of the passive voice, we will say same watch, it is le livre, so outgrew this form, you leave a loop at moi well, I am sure that you are going to find a teacher that wants you to write this kind of sentences to learn the passive voice in French.

But it is not thing that you will hear in France, after the epic fail, you pass a composite and we say clear Alou deliver and the passive voice is relieved, I take you back Pierre, if it’s a personal pronoun, we will say same what Kia you deliver or say Luigi, I believe love you clear Lee Haru leave la llevo so a loop up here for the passive voice and with a personal pranam same wacky leer a reliever.

So we know how to conjugate, the passive voice different tenses, let’s see now a big difference between French and English is to show that we do not use much this voice in French, I want to say that less than the English, people must be worn and it can be translated, because this passive voice in English can be translated by Lee John drafted.

But you certainly hear something like on where their turtle mode with the natural proning on, because we don’t have that, people must be won by and something we don’t have this part, so we can use the natural pregnant, this book was written two centuries ago, so here we don’t know who wrote this book.

So for this reason, you can also say word-for-word write a clearly other Seattle or on a Chris believe Iliad escape and here we have that the active voice dogs are not allowed, so spoken language is written, so when it’s written nightly in French, it’s a bit different, you can read.

Sometimes, they show no Samba add me, but you can also say and when you use unacceptable ischium, so both are possible, but there is a subtle difference between the written French and the spoken French, two more examples, mocking is forbidden, so it is written English, so few meters energy, so it’s possible to read a sentence like that.

But it is better, we have intelligence, you may have been told, so this kind of sentence is interesting, because it doesn’t exist in French, you can’t translate, word-for-word have been told, because it means nothing, so I didn’t know it is not French at all.

Here I have been told we don’t know, because you have been told by, so in French we are going to use and they sit the only possibility to translate this kind of sentence is passive sentence in English, we say Maddie ker, so all the sentence like similar to have been told in French, it is with the natural preneur on and we have the active voice.

So I hope this lesson will help you a bit to understand the passive voice in French and the difference with the English one c’est fini, thank you very much for paying attention to the slide with me, see you next time on French Spanish, if you want to drop me a line, if you have some questions, there will be no problem for me to give you a reply.

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