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Alderman Arrested For Outstanding Warrants Activate

Description: The following passage is mainly going to talk about something related to the key point of active warrants. The content mentions some people who are arrested by aldermen and shows us some information about the things that happen later in order to show their outstanding warrants.

I don’t know whether you’ve noticed this or not, but police in major cities like st. Louis, they’ve got nothing better to do, then run around and arrest young black men, because young black males, because they’re black.

I’m not buying that story, this is a City Councilman, the Calvin alderman in st. Louis, he is only 26 years old and according to the story, we have to say allegedly until things work their way through the courts, so allegedly, he was driving down the street and he rear-ended somebody, so the police do their job, there’s another vehicle and they look this man up on their computers, did a computer search inquiry and they discover this is a City Councilman Alderman, it’s six outstanding warrants. That’s not good for any politician.

But if you’re a black politician and you’re representing a 99.999% black district, it probably doesn’t matter, because they tend to vote ethnically, it’s like an ethnos state, only it’s an ethnos zip code with no neighborhood ethno, a district, here’s what he said on Facebook, he said imagine a seventeen-year-old black college student getting pulled over every day in rural towns and not having money to pay the tickets, I can imagine that I didn’t think it happens.

So you have to imagine it, but I think he’s alluding to the fact that maybe the person’s name is Mohamad, we’ll talk about that a second, so when he was 17 years old, according to him, he is suggesting that he was pulled over every day in rural town, a rural town.

I think it implies white people, because rural towns are in Missouri, they’re mostly white, but he didn’t get all these tickets in Missouri, something goes on and he says I take ownership of not dealing wisely with these past problems in my adult age, he’s now 26 years old.

So he’s saying I take responsibility as an adult, I should have handled these things, you should have, why didn’t you run out? I’m going to wait till I rear in somebody and I get caught and I’m going to own up to my past errors.

I think that’s a good idea, don’t wait to get caught, I think the entire black community, this will get me called a racist, but I think the entire black community needs to own up needs to own their violent criminal history in the United States and start blaming white people.

But I don’t think this person is going to go that far to see stop blaming white people, so what is he saying? He says but doing this work, you sometimes put your own personal business to the side to the back or to the back burner, on the back burner, because you are so busy working for the community.

I love what I do, so this person is so busy working for the community, criticizing police officers, griping about white supremacy, but he doesn’t have time to pay parking tickets, does he find time to pay his electric bill? Does he find time to pay his taxes?

Maybe not politicians, some of them get away with that, I don’t know, so let’s go ahead and read a little bit more here, it says st. Louis alderman, John Collins, Mohammed, let us pause here and talk about hyphenated names.

What is his name? Collins or Muhammad, Collins is a Western name, Muhammad is a Muslim name, are you Western or Muslim? He’s both, it’s like African American, the white is the far-left, you know the globalist, why do they want us to have hyphenated names? I don’t see anything wrong with it intrinsically.

But there is a strategy to take away our sense of identity, I don’t know, if I’m an American or an African, who am I? African American or American African? I don’t know, so they take away our identity and here’s a problem.

If you don’t know who you are, they can give you a new identity, one of the most difficult things for social engineers to do is to brainwash somebody who has a strong sense of identity, one of the first things you want to do, dangerous religious cults will do this.

One of the first things they will do is to try to get you to surrender your identity, so they can give you a new identity, you’re a new person, the old person has passed away, you’re no longer John Collins, you’re now John Collins.

I don’t worry, got that name, I’m guessing about that, here’s the story, we’re going to close that with this, according to the cops, Collins Mohammed was driving northbound on North Sarah, when his car struck the rear of a vehicle stopped at a stop sign during the investigation police, say a computer inquiry revealed the alderman had five active st. Louis City bench warrants and one fugitive warrant from Jefferson City, because 17-year-old kid driving through rural town.

St. Louis is not a country town Jefferson City, I don’t think that’s a rural town, I think he’s making that stuff up, he said imagine, remember that’s a disqualifier, police arrested Collins Mohammed for his outstanding warrants issued citations for failing to display proof of insurance.

That makes that seven following another vehicle to close mint at 8:00 and driving with ASUS that license make that nine, What did he say? He said something about it, he loved his community, he loved the work, he’s doing to help his community.

An example is this person for young black people in the st. Louis area, I think he’s sending a message, maybe not intentionally, I don’t know, I’m not a mind reader, but it seems to me he’s sending a message that you can disregard the law and you can get elected to City Council.

Go on to add, there were no injuries in a Facebook, post Collins Mohammed responded by saying he takes ownership, we read that of not dealing wisely with the past, as we scroll down here, this is from a different website, but Missouri Department of Revenue, it listed multiple arrests of Collins Mohammed for driving with a suspended license going back to 2014.

There is a speeding ticket, another for rusting driving while arrested, he incited protests in the city and helped pass a resolution honor dread drug dealers, it’s hard to say after former GF, former officer Jason Stockley was acquitted in the 2011 shooting death of Anthony Lamar Smith.

So he helped, pass a resolution honoring a dead drug dealer, it is a good example for young people, let’s read what he had to say here until black people in this city get justice until we get a seat at the table.

He’s an alderman, he’s got a seat at the table, the Roby no peace in the city, every time you look at it, people are being shot down by police and by other black people, let’s be honest, shall we cops get off and get pay raise?

Nothing happens, you don’t think that’s true in October 2017 Collins lobbied hard against a proposed resolution, st. Louis police officers for their work during recent riots, so he works to get a resolution passed honoring a dead drug dealer.

But he lobbies against the resolution thanking police officers for their hard work during police riots or during riots not police rights his quote is this resolution is BS, then a slap in the face to black progress and a salute to white supremacy, then he goes on to say something nasty about the police, you can read it later, but he says that the resolution honoring cops was a slap in the face to black progress and a salute to white supremacy.

I would say the driving around on a suspended license rear-ending people following too close not paying you traffic fines, trying to pet or successfully helping to pass a resolution honoring drug drug dealers.

I would say all that is a slap in the face to black progress, it’s more than a slap in the face, it’s a barrier to black progress and it’s a salute to white supremacy, I mean when white supremacy, white supremacists, all six of them in the country Rena story like this, they gloat over it, they say we told you these black people are bad men and in this case, I guess this thing would be done, please give this video a thumbs up, share it on social media, don’t forget to subscribe and leave a comment in the comment section.

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