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Fun and Easy Activities for Kids

Description: The topic of the following passage will center on the hot point of activities for kids. The author is willing to share with us about some ideas for children in terms of children’s activities. The author will talk about some different fun activities that can make kids happy and they are inexpensive to play.

Welcome back, today I would share some kid ideas with you kid activity ideas, I might be throwing this only because I’m doing it and I’m lazy, so it’s easy to blog, summer is coming, so your kids are going to be off all summer and kids get bored even my kids in the daycare kids, they get bored.

So I like to do different activities and this is one of their favorites, it’s easy, it’s inexpensive and it goes with the whole play and walk away philosophy that I try to do, so you play a little bit with them and then you walk away and have mommy time.

While they continue to play, this is one that can keep their interest for hours which I love, because I’m lazy, I guess it’s always good to have kids entertained and having fun without having to play with them, so it’s a great self play.

I’m going to show you quickly and it’s camping, we do inside camping and today it’s pouring rain, so I’m so glad, it was on the calendar, it’s a perfect day for inside camping and I’ll show you some things that we do quickly, the kids love it, so we make a campfire and I used toilet paper rolls, all sort of obviously mismatched tape together.

The kids help me and then we cut different color construction paper and I fold and make a little flame and then we fold it, so they stand straight up and tape it on, I move reasoning you to campfires camping, because you have to have marshmallows.

So I get these skewers, I got them from the dollar store and marshmallows and obviously we don’t cook them, but we stabbed them and then they hold it over and then they pretend to cook it and then they eat their marshmallows.

So for the baby, I used mini marshmallows, so she doesn’t choke and I fill up on her ski or some mini marshmallows, so that’s fun and you have to have a tent, I do have little kid tents, but there’s something to be said for making your own tent.

The kids love it too, so my favorite inside tent is using a card table and that’s exactly what this is, you probably have won a fold up card table, it makes the perfect little kid tent, it never falls down, you never have to worry about setting it back up for them.

It gives them lots of space, because I have six kids here today, what I did is to pull it out from the couch and then tuck the sheet into the back of the couch and then to make it darker, they throw blankets on top, so it’s a tent, it’s a little bit fun, because it’s part of the activity of making it yourself, because it’s dark inside glow sticks.

I always have packaging a glow stick on sale, I mean that I have from sometimes you get them on Michaels on sale for less than a dollar for ten or I got these ones from the dollar store, but we shut off all the lights for the camping part and then they have their glow sticks, they love them and I give everybody a flashlight from the dollar store for their camping party.

The reason why I like the glow sticks are that at nighttime after you have done this, the glow sticks stay glowing for about five to seven hours, so at night, you can have a bat, a glow stick bag, you have a bubble bath, you turn off lights in the bathroom and the bubbles all glow.

When you drop all the glow sticks in the bathtub and don’t break them open, leave them in the container, because I’m sure it’s toxic, but leaving them in the container in the bath makes all the bubbles close, so that’s a fun activity too.

So we do campfires, we sing some songs, we roast some marshmallows and then I leave into it with the flashlights with the lights off, sometimes, I’ll put a movie on in the tent, so on the laptop or if you have a portable DVD player, the kids love that, it’s like a special thing got a rainy day or on a day where you’re home with them.

But you don’t know what else to do with them, it doesn’t cost a lot, they will love the flashlights, they will love the glow sticks, they will love eating marshmallows and playing camping, so there’s an activity that we’re doing today, do an activity with your kids, there’s tip, we’ll see you next time.

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