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Age Appropriate Play With Toddlers Activities for Toddlers

Description: The article below contains the famous topic which is related to the words of activities for toddlers. The content refers to some age appropriate plays with toddlers. The author is going to talk about all the different ways of playing including books and some other references.

I’m Paul, I’m a pediatric physical therapist at LeBonheur pediatric rehab in Germantown Tennessee and today we’re going to talk about all the different ways of playing, first we’re going to talk about books and how you can engage little ones in books.

Malorie is a two-year-old, but initially you can start looking at books, when babies four to six month old, little simple books with one picture on each page is fabulous to engage a child in looking and paying attention to books.

As we get a little older, we can proceed with books that have more pictures and we can engage this little one and up there’s a green frog rabbit, where’s a chick good job, I see eyes touch the eyes, the baby’s eyes, blue eyes.

As we proceed Mallory’s almost this is a fabulous book for a two-year-old, because we get to have a look at lots of pictures and start pointing and finding and talking about it, I see a tiger where’s he is roaring.

Let’s find the Frog, do I see frogs? What does the Frog say? Let’s turn to the page, you can do fabulous things with a book and spend lots of time, the important thing is engaging with your child, we’re going to play with bubbles, this is so fun, you can play with bubbles with different age children.

Mary, stand here now, bubbles can make a mess, so if you don’t want to play with them on your rug, you can put out a yoga mat or it’s great to play outside, but today we’re going to stand up and catch bubbles, are you ready? Stand up for me, can you get with your foot?

Let’s get your foot, but pop stand up, please pop, good job, when a baby is younger than Mallory, we’re going to do more bubbles here, let’s sit on this, like a horse sit on the pillow, like a horse, can we sit like a horse? That must help you look.

Are you read? Don’t fall, they come, get it, it is very good, so you can play with bubbles for a variety of Ages, if all else fails, bubbles work and lastly, we’re going to play with Barnes which is fabulous, it is about putting things in and knock open speech and language.

Let’s put a piggy in the barn, where’s the piggy a pig, he wants to eat a pig, let’s put the horsey in the barn, horsey down to Pam’s bed alone, they won’t fall down there, do not knock, let’s put it in night-night horsey night-night close the doors.

If your baby is younger or if you don’t have a barn malory, let’s play with our box, let’s sit down, you can get this box 9 nonsense at Walmart, you can put all the lovely play in it, do not knock open. fill it with whatever goodies, so a little kiddo that is sitting, this is wonderful play for that youngster, what a wonderful play, we hope this has been helpful to you as you play with the little ones in your life, if you have any more questions, please go to our parenting blog on WWI bon org.

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