activities of daily living

Activities of Daily Living ADL for An Elder

Description: The following article is mainly designed to concentrate on the heated discussed course which is related to the topic of activities of daily living. The focus and concern for this topic centers on activities of daily living for the elder. You can learn courses for activities of daily living or ADL for the elder providing support.

Welcome to I care life’s competing see course activities of daily living or ADL for an elder providing support, activities of daily living is an essential part of care giving for a partially or entirely dependent elder, the extent of the support may vary depending on the individuals health condition.

This competency course covers daily chores like waking up the elder, taking care of the elders mouth, giving a shave bath or maintaining the body hygiene of the elder about the elders hair care and dressing, cleaning the elders, ear, nose, feet or cutting the elders nails, toilet assistance, making the bed, helping the elders who eat home safety and First Aid and fall prevention.

Besides, the curriculum covers handling and immobilized elder, caring forbid sauce, giving bed baths bed, toileting, facilitating health check-ups and medication and more subdivided into five nano courses, this comprehensive competency course has a total run time of over four and a half hours, the nano courses that are covered under this competency includes daily personal care for an elder home safety and falls prevention daily care for a bedridden elder supporting an immobile elder and health check-up and medication.

You may view the contents as many times as you like, Durio membership period after you acquire the theoretical knowledge, you may take a self-assessment test, you will be allowed to take three tests during a membership period.

While you may take this course for competency development in ADL, we recommend you to get a certificate of this competency, if you are a professional caregiver intending to attain compete in see in ADL, all you would like to get a certificate is that you may share an appointment with us for practical hands-on training at our specified training center.

Please remember that I care certification, for this competency will require practical hands-on training and a minimum qualification grade in the theory assessment test wishing you happy learning from team I care.

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