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Assisting with Activities of Daily Living ADLs

Description: The article is related to the famous topic on activities of daily living. The author is going to talk about the fundamental steps associated with a provision of personal care, you will learn how to do such activities to help a resident with the daily living such as bathing, toileting, shaving, grooming and many other things.

Providing physical care to our residents is an important part of what we do each day, this is a very special time spent with the residents, it allows us to get to know our residents, it also allows us an opportunity to monitor and assess the general and overall well-being of our residents additionally.

When we provide personal care, it’s a tremendous opportunity to enhance the residents’ feelings about themselves, their self-esteem helps them to look good and feel good which is critical, we are going to talk about the fundamental steps associated with a provision of personal care, you will learn how to do such activities to help a resident bathe, help them with oral care, toileting, shaving, grooming and so on.

It is very important that we always focus on keeping the resident as independent as possible, how do we do this? Number one, we want to make sure the environment is user friendly, we want to make sure they have all of their supplies within easy reach and easy grasp.

We want to make sure that there’s adequate lighting and that there is appropriate provision of privacy as the resident perform self care, we want to encourage the resident praise the resident when they are able to do something independently, we may stand by ready to assist when necessary all the while encouraging the resident to do the task themselves.

We want to always do this in a dignified way, never in a childlike manner, when we talk about a resident performing an activity of daily living independently, we also want to realize that they are using muscles and using their cognitive ability to carry out self-care.

The more they use that, the more they will maintain that ability, there’s a phrase, you’ll often hear, use it or lose it and it’s true, for example, every day you come in and fully dress a resident that is capable of doing, so on their own, soon they may lose that ability, they may not remember how to dress in an appropriate manner.

They may become stiff and less agile, lose the ability to bend down and tie the shoes, so it’s important that we always encourage independence in a safe and dignified way, when we talk about the provision of personal care, we also want to consider the dignity and well-being of the resident.

If a resident does require assistance, we want to do it in a very matter-of-fact way, don’t make a big deal out of it sometimes engaging the resident in pleasant conversation can distract them away from any embarrassment, they may have about asking for help with an activity of daily living.

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