activities of daily living

Introduction to Activities of Daily Living

Description: The article covers the topic which is about activities of daily living. The focus is related to Activities of Daily Living. We can learn some information on two types of home care, two categories of daily living which are the basic ADL’s and instrumental activities of daily living.

When people talk about home care, whether that’s for elders or the disabled or folks coming out of hospitals or rehab, there are two types of home care they’re talking about, one is home health which is usually associated with skilled nursing physical therapists speech therapists occupational therapists and it’s about an exit strategy from hospitalization or rehabilitation back to the home environment.

It usually lasts six maybe eight weeks of skilled nursing physical therapy and so on with the idea that and the expectation that the patient will transition away from medical care, the other type of home care is non-medical home care and it focuses on the needs of clients to accomplish certain activities of daily living.

There’s a lot of literature on this topic activities of daily living activities of daily living are divided into two categories, the first is the basic ADL’s and they involve things like ambulation mobility, am I able to walk with personal hygiene? Am I able to take care of myself to do the bathing, dressing and undressing?

Can I eat by myself? Can I transfer myself from a bed to a chair or from a chair to a standing position or do I need help with that continent’s? do I have control of bowel and bladder and toileting? Do I have the ability to exercise the toileting function?

Those are the basic activities of daily living, when folks have long term care insurance and start to reap the benefits of that long-term care insurance policy, it is because they need help with these basic activities of daily and the assessment that is done by the long-term care insurance company is associated with those basic ADL’s or activities of daily living.

There’s another category called instrumental activities of daily living, they are in our view equally important in terms of communication, am I able to use the telephone? There are gradations of this, am I able to do my own shopping or am I able to shop with the help of someone else?

I may be able to eat by myself which is a basic ADL, but can I in fact prepare my own food housekeeping? Can I take and keep the house clean, keep the toilets clean? Can I perform that by myself perhaps I don’t drive any longer. So transportation is an issue, I still have to get to the doctor or perhaps social engagements.

But I need help with transportation medications, if I’m forgetful or for some reason unable to regularly take my medications, do I need any assistance in that? Not in the administration of Medicine medication, that’s medical, but in terms of monitoring and reminding and then finances.

I need help controlling managing my finances perhaps requiring the services of a private fiduciary, these are the instrumental activities of daily living that surround that basic set and together our ability as individuals to perform these activities of daily living and these instrumental activities of daily living are key to the success of us being able to live at home.

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