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Introduction to Vtech Alphabet Activity Cube

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Today I’m doing a product review on the VTech alphabet activity cube, this is for ages nine months to 36 months, I found it for fifty fifty dollars, some people are saying this was 60 or 70 dollars, but I had found it at several places for $49.99, so I don’t know if you’ll be able to find that that price.

The lighting is bad in here, this one is pink and blue, but you can get them in red and yellow and blue, so I’m not getting into the whole, this one’s for male this one’s for female, because boys can play with pink, there’s nothing wrong with it.

But people would say the pink and the blue are for girls and the red and the yellow, so if you don’t want the pink, they have the red, yellow that you can get or you can get the pink and blue one like this, I have a little girl and somebody bought this for us, so they got the pink one.

I would have preferred the gender neutral color of more of the red, because we have the Alphabet Train and it’s red and yellow, we all have the pink in that, so it does come in different colors, whatever preference you want and you prefer it has five sides of fun.

I’m going to start by saying I love it, it is great, but my flaw that I absolutely hate about it, it has the most annoying voice, I think it has the most annoying voice talking about no food, I’m saying I’ll turn it on in a minute, this is the only side that has the voice.

The other four sides do not, so we’ll go over this one first, but I do think it’s quite annoying, I can’t stand the voice, so when you listen to it all day, I don’t know, the singing is monotone and the voice is annoying, I think they could have had a better voice for kids to sing along and talk.

But they didn’t, that’s my only complaint with it, so maybe the next time they come out with a newer updated version of this, they’ll think about that and have another voice, so it has the five sides of fun and this here, it has volume control.

So I’ll turn it on loud, so you can hear it, but it’s got the lower volume of high volume, it’s got the learning mode and then the play mode before I turn it on, I’m going to show you it has 13 blocks like this double-sided, a different letter on each side, so it’s got the whole alphabet this snaps in here.

I’m going to pull it back out and then this phone comes out, the phone doesn’t do anything, I think the phone should it on something and I feel like the phone should have done something else because even this popper I thought, it’ll like stay in, then you push it again, it will pop out, but it doesn’t, it stays the same depth.

I feel like the phone should have done something, but it does like this little button, it does register when it is being put on and off or take it on and off, then you have the little dials and it doesn’t say it has doremi faso on here and I was thinking it’ll have a musical thing for that, it’s like a piano, but I thought it would sing to rainy and go up the scale.

So I wish it would have done that too, but other than that, though I do like this activity cube, I love it highly recommend it, it’s great for the price if you find it for $50, I think it’s fantastic for the price, so I’m going to turn it on, I’m going to show you what this side does fast, I’m going to do the learning mode first see what I’m talking about for that voice.

When you’re sleep-deprived and hear that voice all the time everyday, it gets in the link, but it’ll keep talking, I didn’t push any buttons, it’s time to get the kids attention to answer the phone, it has a monkey, it has a cow and dog and has a chicken, elephant, a frog and a lion and sheath.

Then I will put the letter Block in, so you get that work, I’m going to go to the play mode fast, this sides less annoying, because that voice isn’t talking, it’s on the other side though in the learning mode, I don’t know if I let it say this, but I don’t let us say green, it does say triangle and Claire, so that’s right.

I’m going to turn this off because of the other side, it doesn’t work for the other sides, so this was the first sign and then we have this side which you drop the blocks down, selling me take this, it’s got the little arrow that shows your kid to drop it down.

Sometimes, it does get stuck, that’s another thing, so it does get stuck, besides, it’s wrong down, so I mean it’s a fun side, you know kids like to be loud with it, my daughter’s nine months old so she enjoys outside, she loves standing up with it too, because you’ve got this now.

One of these does stick a little bit, it sticks here, I don’t know why, so that’s another thing, I don’t know whether they all do that or not, my three-year-old, obviously, it doesn’t stick for him and it’s a pink feed, the yellow one, I think this one goes there, the red one goes fine, the yellow one goes fine.

It’s a pink one, this is another side and these blocks stick, so it’s like Legos, you can also stack them, they stick into each other, so that’s nice, so those stack by two or three together and my daughter loves that cause, she likes to tear apart and on this side has a little face.

So they go right on, so that is all of the sides of it, it does a lot ,I usually put it in the middle of the floor so that my daughter can play with any side that she whines, but sometimes have you had it up against the wall? You have the side out like facing out.

It’s a sturdy base, my daughter is pulling up on to everything and standing and she enjoys this toy, because she can stand up, pull herself up, it’s stormy, they could step over, but it’s got a sturdy base, it’s stable, it seems I got the little legs there.

As you can see, so it’s stable, I like it for that and she likes to play with the top, like I said, she likes to build the blocks like stick him in here and build him like Legos, then I help put them on and stack them, overall, I highly recommend this one, the VTech cube is amazing, it’s good.

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