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How to Build A Simple Train Activity Table for Kids

Description: The article concentrates on showing us the points related to activity table. The author is going to make his son a little train table with the supplies he bought from local toy store. He will indicate us some statistics and the detailed ways to make a simple activity table for children.

It’s Timmy July, today on the program, it’s going to be on how to make videos, we got back from Home Depot getting all the supplies, we need to build my son a little train table, now I picked this up from our local toy store and this is the train table here with some Thomas faces on it.

It goes for over two hundred dollars and I thought that’s crazy, I mean it’s a table for under $100 here taxes included I got everything, you’re going to need here in using these project boards which is in a separate aisle of home people where everything is cut and everything’s square, it’s very easy stuff that you can throw in the back your car SUV.

You’re not going to have to worry about bringing a pickup truck or something to bring this wood home, you know this is some stuff, I like to put up on YouTube and if it’s not for you, I apologize, but you know what I like doing this stuff for my kid and I hope they come along for the ride.

I’ll give you all the supplies and everything you’ll need if you want to build one too, so stick around, so we’re going to go ahead and cut the legs for our table and this is going to be the shelf, we’re going to knotch edges out of the shelf so that this leg will fit in each side.

This is going to divide equally into four 18 inch tall pieces, those are going to notch into this and this will be the Shelf, the top is going to be removable, so basically I’m making this, my son could probably drop better than this.

But these are going to notch into here and then we’re going to put boards that attach the top here on all sides that way, it stands on its own and the top will be a removable piece, pull it off, switch it around, put it into chalkboard mode, whatever you want to do and you’ll see in a minute why I grabbed what I did in the dimensions.

Thank you very much, we got this thing all mocked up to this board sitting on a 2×4 and none of these are buttoned down, but I like the height, if it’s sitting on the 2×4 two by fours aren’t four inches, I feel like it’s a little bit off from that.

But I am going to assure all measurements, at all sides are equal, we’re going to countersink some walls, we’re going to put some screws in, we’re going to put some wood glue on it and then we’re going to worry about putting these top pieces in somehow.

There’s a bee, it is yellow jacket, go on the lens, do it, I’m going to worry about securing these at the top, because these are going to be the little rails that the top table, that’s one to restaurant, so we’ll get right day, he’s going to love his drain table, that’s for sure.

Let’s go ahead and put the final nail now, so I’m close to do my box, most people don’t spray paint wood, but I’m not most people, so let’s check it up, so I have the most ghetto miter saw ever and I figured out how to do 45-degree angles, so I’m psyched because I tried to do this before and it did not work out.

But I was not doing it, so let’s check out, I mean it needs some work, but it’s square, so I think we’re working, I think we’re good, my hair is flat, I took a shower, because I was all full of blue paint, as you can see, I have moments away from completion.

I’m going to go ahead and screw this top down and then we’ll see what’s going on, so this set is homie 29 at Walmart comes with the wooden track and I was looking for this stuff and expensive for Thomas branded stuff.

But thank God for that cheap toy section at Walmart now, go ahead and sit this stuff and we’re going to do a grand reveal for gifts, this is the table and it doubles as a chalk table, we’re going to get some Rubbermaid containers to slip down here got a baby train heis.

I could possibly be here in my hometown and this time it’s not on Chris, so many ways, I’m here at the top of the parking structure, it’s loud, it’s windy and I need help, I have something to ask you, I need your help, we got 3,500 subscribers, that’s huge.

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