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Justice All Girls Activity Tracker App

Description: The article below is mainly intended to show us the heated discussed topic which is related to activity tracker app. The writer is going to display her destice girls activity tracker and explain to us mentioning its different functions as well as some cool and necessary apps on the watch.

I got my destice Girls activity tracker and it’s cool and pretty, I absolutely love it and it’s like a stunning design and it is to give it to you all, it’s very cool and if you want to see the review on it, keep on watching this video, so when you unpackage the fitness watch, it obviously comes with the watch and the charger is like that and on the front and that on the back.

If you have an iPhone or anything the charger, when you would put in a head wall, when you want to charge your fitness watch, what you do to turn it on, there’s this little flap that you have to open and then it’s going to look like that and you’re going to place the charger in, because you’re going to place it into the wall and start charging now.

There’s a very cool app that you have to set up the watch, so it knows everything that you do and you get your phone or your iPad, I need a device and I’m going to go to your app store and get the app, it’s called smart fist plot smart fit plus and it looks like that.

When you click on it, it’s going to show that and you’re going to go to the menu there, then I click connection settings, so it’s going to look like that and you’re going to take your watch after it’s fully charged and you’re going to click the function button once.

Now it’s going to say connect it on your app, you can click connect and it’s going to start a countdown on the watch in the second, it starts it, click it twice, clip your own thing twice, so then it’s going to be connected, so now you connected your watch to your phone and you’re going to go back here and click menu again and you’re going to go to user settings and you’re going to type in your name and your gender.

If you’re a male or female, if you’re in Europe, then you would check metric and if you’re in the United States, you would click in peril and now you would have to fill in your height, so you can move that, how many out your foot length, so your step length and now you can also go back to the menu and it’s going to say goal setting.

So when you click that, it’s going to say how many you’re going to put in, how many steps you want to take, so let’s say I want to take five thousand and five billion, you could do that, you can always slide up the slider and then it’s going to say how many calories you want to burn, how many the distance you want to take, how many irritation is and how much time you want to walk.

Once you fill that out, you could also go back and go to share, so when you click, put your watch on, it’s going to go and you’re going to see challenge, the challenge is that you can go to the share, it’s going to show all different shapes and stuff and there’s this thing.

Let us share on the bottom and you click that, it’s going to show you some things that you can set, you could look for someone that has the watch and you could connect with them and you could have a challenge or a contest.

Once you do that or you don’t have to do that, but you could go back and there’s a reminder, when you want a reminder, when your watch is connected to the phone, you can turn this on, then you would do it, when you want that, when you want your alarm to go off, then you could do your alarm one alarm and then you could make four alarms for what DS you could click with these, you like what time you want it and that’s all that.

Then you would go back and there is obviously the connection, the last thing is when you do, when you use a watch that is going to say when you turn the watch on, it’s going to say the time, it’s going to say the steps, how many steps you took calories, you burned the miles, you walked the time that the challenge is also when you set your phone, your watch to your phone, the time will automatically go on, so that’s for this review on the justice girls tracker truck tracker and see you all next time.

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