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Mi Fit App Version 3.2 for Mi Band 2 Activity Tracker Device Detailed Overview

Description: The passage below mainly concentrates on the point of activity tracker app. It contains an updated tutorial about Mi Fit App Version 3.2 for Mi Band 2 activity tracking device. We will be shown how to launch the apps obtained from Play Store or App Store and some solutions to the problems if necessary.

This is an updated tutorial for the me fit app, this is version 3.2, I have the me Bantu device, so we’re going to go ahead and launch the app which you obtained from your Play Store or your App Store, the search for me banned or me fit.

The first time it connects it will reach out and pair to your device via Bluetooth, so make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone or tablet and the first time after it connects, you’ll be likely to receive a couple of firmware updates.

Your device will receive a couple of firmware updates and they could take a while, so make sure your device stays next to your phone or tablet until everything is connected, all the updates are received, now it opens by default, I think it opens to the last page, the first time you open it, it will come up to the Status page and you see at the bottom, you have status activities and profile, the stats page is not real detailed, it shows you anything, you’re tracking anything, you’ve configured to track.

The most important one is the profile page, but will go from left to right, so the status page, it shows I’m connected and every time you open it, it tries to sync, it shows my last night sleep, my heart rate and the last recorded weight, it has no way of reaching out and finding out my weight and if you set up any activity tracking it, I have not successfully met my goals with this device for quite a while.

So it’ll show your last achievements, so if I click on the sleep bar, I get a lot more details, it shows how I fared against other users, it asks how I feel today and I can record it, I feel good and then I go back and now take a look at this, if I click in the band and hold it, it shows details about each deep sleep or late sleep period.

I’m frames, so I think the sleep tracking is good with this device, I’m very happy with it and I have used other devices, the heart rate in settings, I do not have it continuously checking my heart rate, I don’t want that and I don’t want to wear my battery, if I had a heart condition or I was an exercise enthusiast, I might turn that on.

But at any time, I’ll put this next on my wrist, anytime you can get your rate by hitting measure, my last one was sixty, so it reminds you to keep it close to your wrist, it tracks it non-talking, so it’s probably not going to be 60 and I couldn’t read it and we try again 63.

So I have the heart rate set, I measure it manually occasionally and the weight you can add an additional entry and change it and hit OK, so that’s for the status page, not a whole lot of details, one thing I forgot to mention is that if you’ve updated your app and you see down at the bottom of the blue, it’s stuck at connecting.

What I had to do is that I went to my device Bluetooth settings and I unpaired it and that I launched the updated app and it connected fine and all my data was there, so I didn’t lose data, but it couldn’t connect until I unpaired the activities page.

This seems rudimentary, but there will be a whole lot more activities, I’ll show you in a minute under profiles are called behavior tagging, so I’m going to be on the treadmill, I start it, it counts down, I’m Rex, I’m on the treadmill.

When I have done hold and press pause and then you can resume it in case you took a break or end it now, that’s warning me, my distance was too short to record and that’s fine with me, so that’s basically it’s the main activities that you’re going to want to do.

You can manually track now by default, the band does track step, so I don’t know if you need the walking one now, the main tab, the last one is profile, this is where all the action is much more than that, so it shows the device, you tap on the device, you see more information, I do not allow it to unlock my phone.

So I’ll have that off incoming call, I do want to receive those alerts, so I have it on and I have it vibrate 10 seconds after the first ring which is very helpful, I can keep my phone off and that’s quite a lengthy vibrator, I’ll see it and show contact information, so this tiny little screen shows the phone number and it shows the name programmed in my contacts.

I believe I don’t know it’s not in my contacts, I do know at least it shows the number, but I’m very happy with that alarm, you can set an alarm to go off on your band, you turn one on or edit it and make your own app alerts, I do not want to receive all these buzzes that I got a new email that drives me crazy.

But you can change all you want, turn on to view alerts, I have to turn it on there and I get configure, I do have this turned on from 8:00 to 5:00, I have a configured to let me know if I’ve been sitting for more than an hour, click on more and at the top should be the same items.

It’s the last three, I haven’t turned on to let me know when I receive a text message, I have that someone SMS alerts turned on and I show two contact information which will display the little band, you don’t see the text message, you get an alert that you got a text message and it shows the sender’s name goal notifications.

I have this off, I can occasionally check my phone, I don’t want to be bugged with alerts, I’m very busy during the day, I do not disturb it, turn it on, that means from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. , if I lift my wrist, it’s not going to light up, so if I’m sleeping at night and I move my arm a certain way, I don’t want to light my whole room up, it’s very bright.

So I have it turned off from 8 to 6 a.m. , so that’s the band alerts, now find a band which is very easy, it buzzes, that’s all it does discoverable, I do not want my band discoverable by other devices, so I have that off band settings, this is very important, you’re choosing the items that are going to appear every time, every time you tap the band, I have time my steps and my battery.

It’s all I have, let me show you where that’s configured, I have the only time steps and battery, so I put the key things, I want to keep track up during the day quickly, I have enabled if I lift my wrist, it will display, will come on and also I have it turned on.

If I rotate my wrist in a certain way, it’ll come on, it’s easy, so if you have your arm down, you lift up your wrist to look at it, it turns on, I rotate it like they look at my watch, it comes on, I have the heart rate assistant turned off, you can turn it on, it does reduce your battery life.

Here is your firmware version and it shows your Bluetooth address and this will take you to a little tutorial basically how to put it in your band that shows how to lift it, I have that enabled and measure the heart rate nice little tutorial and you can unpair it now the time format.

Let’s go back up to that even though it shows military time online, it does display 12-hour time, so I have selected one, I want to see the time and date, so that’s for this page, let’s go back, so that was under me band 2 is where all those settings were all your setup, what you want to see on your device, how you want it to behave, when you lift your wrist and so forth.

That’s all under profile and you tap the band, so you don’t know that doesn’t say click here for settings, so you have to tap the band to get to that huge list of setup items, here’s where you set up your activity goals, I don’t have much said, I have 6,000 steps and he’s supposed to do 1,000 or 10,000 weight goal.

I don’t have a weight goal, you can set up friends their ad accounts, you can connect your device to other apps WeChat google fit and so forth, wake up notifications, I do not want to be woken up, I don’t want to see it, this will remind you to view your sleep and fill in the morning.

If I want it, I’ll look at it, activity alerts, I am off, I can always access the app once a day or once a week, if I’m curious behavior tagging, this is where you have a whole lot more activities, this seems identical to the activity tab, it has more information.

So if I want to say I’m jumping rope or we’ll say I’m cycling for a while, it’s the exact same interface start, it counts down, I’m off to the races, when I have done hold and press pause and then resume or end and this is too short to be recorded.

So this is all this an expanded version of the activity page and in the last settings, what you want to occasionally check for updates and the first one to begin, let’s go from the top the units, if you’re in a different country and you don’t want to use feet or pounds, you can change that to metric or whatever show status and notification.

So I’ll get a little notification on my phone saying when it’s connected, I can check for updates and it’s up to date, this is very important, if you experience a certain error message or a problem, you can send a little message to the support team.

Here’s your app, you can select to send your app log and about this shows your current version the algorithm, I guess this is probably all sent, when you send your log, I do not want to enroll in user experience there, I’ll turn that off, so it opens up to the Status page very basic statuses, you tap each to get more information.

So remember I tap my sleep, I can even edit my sleep, if I think it’s wrong, I can edit it, so very basic information on the Status page, the activities page, you can even click here and change the order where you want it to be displayed.

If you want cancel and activities are rudimentary to shows for activities, you start and stop to track them, this is the big-deal, the profiles page, most of your band settings again are under the band tap the band tons of settings.

What you want to show on the band, what you want to track, how you want it to behave, when you lift your wrist or turn your wrist and then you can set up goals, you can connect it to your friends or other apps and you can do more behavior tick tagging and then this is your core settings where you check for updates and ask for back report an issue, that’s basically for rudimentary, the setups a little odd, I think they maybe could have combined the activities and the profile behavior tagging, so I hope this is helpful, they get you started, thank you.

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