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TOP 5 Best Fitness Trackers Best Activity Trackers

Description: The article below is mainly intended to focus on the topic about activity tracker. You can get enough information about the top 5 best fitness activity trackers on the market now which can track your running, cycling, swimming, kickboxing and body weight workouts and it will guide you through each of them.

I’m Jeff Rizzo and today we’re going over the top five activity trackers on the market now in late 2015 and there are dozens and dozens of cool activity trackers out there and some of the good ones did not make this list, it was hard to put this list together.

So if you’re not all that enticed on this list, I would urge you to look into the jawbone up 3 the jawbone up to the in body band the Withings activity tape op the basis peak the Fitbit charge, I would put those and some others in the received votes category.

I’m happy with this list and let’s go ahead and take a look, so first up the best overall fitness tracker and the one that I would use if I didn’t have the Phoenix 3, that is the Garmin vivofit 2, I think considering price the 1 year battery life and how simple this device is, the fact that it still works as a training tool makes it hard to be even though there are newer devices out there.

It’s comfortable, it has a great screen works with an ant plus heartrate monitor, you can swap out the bands and customize it if you want, it’s a good mix of a lot of different factors, I’m happy to keep it at the top spot, I think it’s a great device for me though it was tough to choose between the vivofit 2 and the vivosmart HR.

So if you want a little bit more out of your device all-day heart rate monitoring and optical heart rate sensor smart features, definitely check out the vivosmart HR, if you want to check updated pricing or buy any of these devices on this list, I’ll have links in the description below that you can check out in the holidays.

Over the winter time, prices go up, they go down and sometimes you can find some good deals on these products, the next device on this list is the one I would consider the most popular fitness tracker and that has to be the Fitbit charge HR above any other device.

I get more emails comments messages about the charge HR, so it’s hard to leave it off this list, I also think it’s a good device, I like it, personally I think it’s awesome, Fitbit is a good company and the charge HR is very likely its best product, it tracks your all-day steps, calories burned, distance traveled and sleep and has a built-in optical heart rate sensor to monitor your heart rate all day which I know a lot of people get fired up about.

The Fitbit app is good and that’s important, because 50% of your experience with the device happens on the app, so it’s a good thing, the app is good, I don’t know, I think that if you’re considering a fitness tracker, you should probably look into Garmin and Fitbit first with that.

The next device on this list is the best for training and that is move now although it was hard to make this decision, so I’m going to throw in the polar a 360 as well, but let’s start with move four, it’s small, its lightweight and it’s simple, but it’s a brutal fitness coach in addition to your all-day activity and sleep tracker it retails for 80 bucks which is low.

How do you beat that? I don’t know, it tracks your running, cycling, swimming, kickboxing and bodyweight workouts and it will guide you through each of them, that’s the thing with move, it doesn’t track your workouts, but it also provides specific and timely feedback, it’s cool, I’ll have a link to my full review of move now in the description.

You’ll want to check it out, I think it’s a neat device now the polar a 360, I had to mention as well, because it has a built-in optical heart rate sensor, that’s good, it’s not great, but it’s not bad at all and then you can also connect an external Bluetooth low-energy heart rate monitor to it as well.

If you want to use a chest based heart rate monitor and I don’t believe any other activity tracker at the moment will allow you to do this, Polar lets you track all sorts of workouts from strength training to running and cycling and it’s a good option as well.

I must admit, so now for the best fitness tracker in terms of style basically what looks the best is the misfit shine, this little market niche is growing and there are all sorts of new activity trackers that are stylish, but I think misfit probably still keeps the title all things considered.

Then take into account that fossil bought them for 260 million dollars, I think that misfit is still going to have an emphasis on good looking activity trackers, these shine to is stylish and there are plenty of accessories for it and it comes in a number of colors, it can be worn in any situation, it’s affordable and has great battery life and has recently gotten a number of smart features added to it.

So misfit honestly is doing a good job and I think this shine too is an awesome option now last up we have the best budget activity tracker that award goes to the jawbone up move, it’s a cheap device, but perfect for people that are new to the space jawbone also recently launched a number of new accessories for it.

So you can even dress it up a little bit if you want to, it’s basic, but it has all of what you’ll need and the jawbone app is where 90% of the magic happens and that application is good, in my opinion, so if you’re watching your wallet and you don’t need a lot of features, definitely check out the up move and that will do it for this list.

Like I said before, I left off some great devices, but somebody has to be the bad man, thanks so much for your attention, make sure to check out the description in the comments and follow me on Instagram and Twitter and subscribe if you haven’t, thanks so much, have a great day.

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