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Please describe your job title and primary duties, so I worked as a concession simply work behind the concession stand, you know selling popcorn pretzels nachos hot dogs job entailed that I mean I guess you have to know that knowledge of the movie theater in general lay out.

You could ask questions, you know where movie theater is, eight, whereas, we do six, where is their water fountain simple things you know the layout smiling, you know you can be friendly, because you are dealing with customers.

What was the working environment? It was good, I think it was mostly young people that worked with me for the most part, I worked over the summer, so I think a bunch of other high school students were working with me, so it was a fun atmosphere.

We snuck out like watch movies, sometimes pull on our free time at the end of movies, watch the end of a couple of movies like maybe 20 or 30 times, so that’s fun, how would you describe the application and interview process, it was a while ago.

But the application was not that long, I think it was maybe four or five questions, then you got an interview, if you could speak English, I feel like most people got interviews, honestly, interview was fifteen to twenty minutes, simple one-on-one interview with the manager.

After that, they call you in, let you know whether you had hired or not, what questions to think if you were asked during the job interview, they asked my previous experiences, what I’d done in the past, they may ask me when times were like role play as if they were a customer and they gave me a hard time and said how I dealt with it.

That was one of the tougher ones, but that was one, I remember the most was the role play question, because they asked me, I’m a customer coming you messed up my order, what do you do in the situation? What set you apart from other candidates?

I think when you leave an interview, the interviewer may not always remember what you say, but they’ll remember how you said it, the confidence you came out with, so I think that’s probably the most important thing, what other advice would you give to a job seeker, looking to get employment smile a lot in their interview.

Try to come off this conference, you can do it if you don’t know something specific, don’t act like you know it, to be honest and smile and try to do it like that, but I come up with confidence, even if you don’t know many things, you’re willing to learn it and you will learn quickly and you’ll adapt and you’re a good colleague and you’ll work well with others, I think those are the most important things.

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