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AMC Channel For Roku Review at Activate. Com

What I’d like to show you today is a new channel from AMC, standing for American Movie Classics. I think it kept the initials and totally change the format years ago, but you know AMC is the home of The Walking Dead. Now better call Saul and what they’ve done is they’ve launched a new channel for the Roku.

It’s one of those TV Everywhere channels, which means you have to have a participating provider to get it. As to how to add it, you need go in to search AMC, type it in and it will add it to the side over here. We’re going to add the channel, and the Roku 4 could probably just ask for it.

As usual, a new Roku channel is added to the bottom of your Roku channel selection, so you don’t have to go through it. Now we’ve got 76 on here, you don’t have to go through all that, you just go up and we’re gonna put that next to the other channels which are there.

I’m going to take a look at the AMC challenge and I’ve taken a look at it before. Unfortunately, I can’t say that it’s the best of the TV Everywhere selections that I’ve seen on Roku. What I like about the look of it is the art in the background. Those cycles in this look like Netflix or Plex and Cody and other like media programs.

It is nice. I give it to them on that, but I find it a little hard to read the white writing on the background of a lot of these things, it says that the thing that I think says peeking out preacher season one episode. I feel like I’m doing comments. I mean like a test for your driver’s license.

I think that it actually might be a little difficult for those who don’t have particularly great vision. Especially if you’re selling us now and read your prescriptions with reading glasses, I don’t think they thought that through as far as seeing this on a TV screen.

When you click on a full episode, the menu is a whole lot nicer. You got a nice big picture. You can bounce to extra clips on this menu. You have the various selections and you can go in, and you can actually see episodes from any season. You do have to sign in.

Of course, and therein lies another problem that I saw is that I went on and took a look at the sign-in. They give you the code here. That’s not big deal. You’re going to need a computer to get on to it or even a tablet. However, you get to the website you get to it and you put that code in.

But there are some channel providers that are missing right now. Sling TV, which actually is a provider for AMC doesn’t get a listing, as well as even Time Warner Cable. So I can’t guarantee that your cable company is going to be on there.

Now I’m going to show you something with FX. Do you see how it’s a little bit better-organized while the other channel, the AMC channel just had one long listing of the shows these? Break it down by the different subject matter those genres, so it makes it a little bit easier to navigate and find maybe what you’re looking for, or get an idea of what all is available.

It is very simple! Everything broken down category by category, and it even has feeds to all of the different coastal times. Depending on if there’s something that comes on later in the day and you’re on the west coast, maybe you can jump to the East Coast feed and see it. For it, airs on your local channel.

I like that option. In a similar vein, NBC’s app is bright and colorful. You’ll notice the art right away. It’s very large because you’re sitting on your couch, and you’re not looking at it over a tablet. You go through and again it is much easier to read through the larger fonts, so that is just a kind of major flaw that I see in the AMC.

The Free Church showed is the only place where the listings aren’t really large, so the AMC channel I think is okay. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to actually test the video quality, because I don’t have a provider that’s participating right now. But I hope to see this grow.

It needs kind of words. It needs horror or action or something original programming. Of course, all of this is original programming, so just that would be redundant. But they need to rethink the look. If you’re going to have white riding, you can’t have everything up against Sun rising and things like that.

That is the AMC Channel for Roku. It has potential, but I’m going to have to say it’s got something to do. If you do have a MC and you have the provider man, you can go ahead, as it doesn’t cost you anything to add it to your Roku. All you got to do is look and see what’s listed, and I’m not going to rattle down every single provider on there.

There’s about 50 or something like that, just kind of ironic that I don’t have one. But no bother. I hope you found this helpful and interesting. If you did, please subscribe to our Channel. We want to break 8000 before the fall. If that all possible, 10,000 would be even better, but or it won’t shoot for the stars just yet. I’m Ryan Downey, the streaming advisor stream on my friends.

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