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I was wondering what you felt were the worst movies you’ve ever seen. Much like everything else in film, a worst film is subjective. It depends on how a film strikes you. To me, the most pictures, they’re the most bottom of the three most bottom of the barrel films.

I have ever seen Cat Woman, Battlefield Earth and the Highlander Part 2. I can give 13 different reasons for all three, but if these are an elite level of garbage that Hollywood has churned out. What about yours?

I’m going to go from Justin to Kelly. I’m going to go with the room, in which it’s almost so bad. It’s fun to star in Sandy’s friend sends good or bad ends. In terms of my worst film of all time, I hate it when you take a franchise and completely flush it down, the toilet nothing epitomizes crap, like Caddy shack part. All of it is simply taking one of the best comedies of all the time and making it into the worst, which are torturous experiences.

A young man can possibly have it in their lives, and I feel bad for Dan Aykroyd in that movie trying to kind of be like Bill Murray in the original Caddyshack. They really stop the cameras and let this guy go home. She’s never let you get worse once. It is so subjective. I really do like a lot of garbage cinema,  and this super crabbing is  like it’s elevate or the room is to me.

It’s a master piece of garbage. It’s amazing. It’s for all the wrong reasons. Seriously, a son of the mask is one of the painful, which I can’t keep watching it, as it is clockwork orange. Recently, I was just trying to think of the counselor I know in recent films. It’s a fun one to go to, only in such a bad film.

I remember sitting in the theater, astonished at how horribly written and badly put together. Nobody was not on drugs on this film. I think the reason I stayed away was because I was contemplating leaving. I’ll just make a tie with the third one Dracula untold in Frankenstein, nice. Both are amazing iconic horror icons destroyed by horrible film with stupid writing and bad decisions.

I know Frank Inside Edges Out Dracula Untold is being crappier, but hey that’s to my taste. By the way, I love Battlefield Earth leverage membrane and leave mask. I undertook Sonia, Maybe somebody can take off your Netflix queue or put him on there. You got nothing but trouble, which is Dan aykroyd room.

. Danny’s funny. He hates it so much. Obviously, Pluto Nash piranha 3dd some stone and Dolly Parton in Rhine house is a gym mine starts the lines. From what I see, right house rhinestone is very good. That would be a good limestone directed by Rodriguez.

It is eighty-eight minutes. Jack and Jill Batman or Robin Bucky Larson and the stinker of all stinkers Freddy got fingered minus the daddy. Do you have some sausage? I feel like I need a bed as that they’re talking about a battlefield earth.

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