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Impressions and Review of AMC’s Horror Streaming Service at Activate. Com

Recently, we were lucky enough to get ourselves early beta access to Shutter, the new Netflix competitor which is being run by AMC. The twist is that Shutter isn’t just a streaming service. It’s a streaming service that focuses entirely on horror movies.

Shutter is interesting in a few unique ways. First, it offers a feature called Shutter TV, which allows you to watch the horror movies like you would in a television channel. You don’t need pick anything, as it just plays them for you.

In addition to this, there are collections which are created groups of films with different themes, such as identity crisis or into the wild. They allow you to find different films based on these themes that you might not have seen before. It seems like a nice feature. The design itself on Shutter is pretty sleek. Everything has a horror theme to it, even the filter area.

When you go to browse it through, the films have little unique car pictures under the categories, which is a nice touch as of now. There are only about 220 films on the service, since it’s in private beta. I expect that to change and grow, but we need take into consideration that it is not that much of a number.

When it comes down to it, horror aficionados are likely to have seen a lot of these films. But at the same time, there are some obscure gems such as the battery that are worth watching. Many people have probably not seen it yet. They are of interest to people who might have found it.

Netflix is what you can watch a trailer for some of the films directly from Shutter. This is something that I prefer. It is what I have long thought should be added to every streaming service, and it was nice to see it. Here the player itself works quite well, and there are customizable subtitles that you can mess around with from a little closed captioning box on the tracking bar player.

Currently, there is no search function yet. It is a problem, because you have to wade through all 220 films to find something you like. You can filter them by category and go to the collections, but the lack of a search function is a huge problem. Till now, they’ve said that they are going to implement one soon. I’m sure that they’re going to implement it.

Its work goes public, which bothered me though. Another problem is that Shutter TV. The television-station-like feature does not tell you what’s on, so you’re left to your own devices to figure out what you’re watching. It can drive you mad, if you’re coming in halfway through a film and you want to start it from the beginning.

All of that are set for five dollars a month or fifty dollars a year. If you want to buy it in bulk, it’s a cheap and viable Netflix alternative. If your horror buff, it’s definitely something you shouldn’t miss. I’m sure by the time they’re out of beta, they will fix the small issues present at a low price.

If you like horror movies, give it a shot. Shutter is undoubtedly a Netflix killer or an Amazon killer for that matter. But it is killer in some of the most literal horrific senses. Please like, comment and subscribe if you’ve enjoyed our video. Have you gotten a try Shutter yet?

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