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What I Love and Hate about YouTube TV for Cord Cutters Activate

Description: The article centers on the topic of amc activate. The author is intended to show us the details for what he likes and dislikes about YouTube TV cord cutters. We can also be given the explanation of why it took the front place in the running for court cutting and then quickly snapped to last place.

It is Indonesia Peter from PNG here, I want to talk to you about YouTube TV, you can see the app that I have here, I’m filming my iPad Mini TV, the iPad and my phone, the experience is similar across them, but I will tell you some of the things that I like and things that I dislike about this and why it took the front place in the running for my court cutting and then quickly snapped to last place.

First of all, as I want to show you here that there is an app for the iPad, I’ve gone ahead and downloaded it, installed it, I’ve used this quite a bit, I’ve used the web interface on the computer and I’ve used the S link TV and DirecTV and then on my iPhone as well.

So this is what the app looks like, it’s clean, it looks like YouTube a lot, you know the app that you might note and one of the things that I was intrigued by is a fairly robust channel offering for the $40 a month that it costs including some of your local channels.

What I will say if I hit the live tab here and so what you do get is a channel guide like this and it explodes out for the channel line that you’re on, what you will see here though is only like the next hour or two, you can’t scroll ahead, that’s a big loss, I don’t understand why they don’t do that now.

You might say that’s not the way that is on the TV and on the other apps absolutely and even on the website which is totally weird to me, they only show you the next hour to every other channel guide allows you to scroll into the future now.

If I touch on TV s like this, I can go ahead and go further, but I don’t understand why that’s not a piece of the channel guide, you can see here, I can keep going out, but on the channel guide especially, I guess you could say I’m on live TV, the issue is that I only care about what live truly is.

But there are a lot of things that you discover by saying that’s coming up in an hour or two hours or tomorrow or whatever, it might be a big miss there, but they’re trying to force the future on you and say live TV is the one that you shouldn’t care about.

I think in the future the thing that I like about that is again $40 local channels, good selection, but they don’t have any tears or packages like DirecTV and sling, so you get a lot.

But the con is that you can upgrade to something, that’s maybe more robust or more appropriate for you, one of the unique cool things about this is that when you stop on a channel in the guide, it will automatically play the live stream from that channel.

So it’s nice to have a little preview of what you’re going to be watching, if you want to stop, the big Pro is that you get unlimited DVR and I’ve gone ahead and I’ve been tapping a lot of things and trying to DVR stuff to test this out.

Because there are some exciting things about it and then some stupid things about it, so the cool thing about this DVR is that it is truly unlimited and I’ve tried to record a bunch of stuff and I’ve tapped and kept things and then I watched them and then I didn’t delete them and it totally seems that it’s legit.

Let me go here, so I was tapping away on the Disney Channel here, because they have a lot of serialized TV and what I’ve noticed is that if you do tap the record button, this will be a little record icon and it’s a stop button now basically if I want to stop it, but let’s take a look at this girl meets world, what I’ll do is that I’ll scroll down here and you’ll see that it’s like the whole well season essentially.

If I’m on an episode and I tap record, it records everything and that’s because I don’t think it’s recording anything, it’s all queued up in YouTube’s digital system and so what they do is when you say record in this case, Girl Meets World, it’s going to say any season you want to see is available, because they probably have it now.

I have no idea why this is only a season one or whatever or two like this and now you have no idea about how the show works, but you know for whatever reason, it never gives you the typical ask of do you want to record new episodes or all episodes it records and shows you everything.

It makes a little more sense on movies, if there’s a movie or something like this and you start it, there’s only going to be one instance of it, which is great and then like I said, you can tap this button up here and remove.

I heard if you want to watch it, so it is on stepbrothers recorded, because I want to watch that again, one of the great movies of all time probably second dates aren’t sure, so that’s interesting, because it’s not DVR, it’s more of subscribing to a YouTube channel, that’s not how I express, you’re not controlling episode time actual viewing experience like you are on a DVR and like you think about it.

This is more of bookmarking or subscribing to a channel or a feed or a page, so that’s a big difference which is why I think they make it unlimited DVR, because they’re not recording your content and keeping it somewhere.

I’ll get off that now, one of the best things about YouTube TV is especially if you have a large house and you want to stream, I think it’ll support up to six accounts, so that’s a bigger deal and it’s nice that especially, I like unlimited DVR piece that it separates out your recordings by a count now.

One of the things that’s a little weird is that if I go up here to Point Break and that’s probably going to get me demonetized, so I did turn this on and was watching it and I watched it on the computer and I watched it a little bit here to see what the differences are, you can see it looks a lot like YouTube.

I can shrink it down, it goes to this little bar there, but what you can’t do here is that if I tap on this, I can go on these ellipses and I will get things like playback speed, it does not appear here now, that’s a little weird, because when I was on the computer, I could speed this up.

For example, I have stepbrothers up here running on my computer in the Google Chrome browser, as you can see here, if I go down here to the menu bar, I go to that little gear icon you can see on any YouTube video and go to speed and hit double speed and now the sucker is playing at twice the regular speed which is awesome for crushing out.

Like I said, slower moving shows or documentaries or even playing things that you enjoy, but at a higher speed, so I like that, that is a huge advantage for recorded video on YouTube TV, but it only works on the web interface, so weird that it’s a Miss here that the variable playback speed is not here.

I was thinking it’s not a technical issue, because the YouTube app itself has variable playback speed, so I’m not sure what the deal is with that by having it on online, but not here one of the things I want to do here is to keep this open for a second.

Because I can maximize it and good thing, it’s still running and then if I hit the home button, I want to show you what happens boom nothing right which is also weird to me, because things like the YouTube red app is basically like a subscription to YouTube so that when you do minimize things, it’ll continue to play or P&P or play in the background.

So the funny thing to me is that if you’re subscribing to YouTube TV, you know which is more than YouTube, you don’t get the same functionality in this app, so it’s frustrating that I wouldn’t have the picture-in-picture be able to watch things.

You know on my iPad here and then if I extend that a little further, let me try to open up my web browser here, open up the web browser, so I’ve got this, I’m doing a little reading, I’ve got YouTube TV playing and I want to dock this bad boy dockets right dock it over here.

I can’t do it and the reason why I brought that up is that so many times, I want the work or the website that I’m fooling around with to be my front center, then you know the TV or the video that I’m watching, so this is a big myth especially compared to the DirecTV now app which not only goes P and P.

But that gives you a lot of flexibility and controlling the size and swiping off the screen completely and it’s a little weird to me summary, my issue here is that YouTube should probably be setting the standard Google should be setting the standard in terms of streaming television and I get why they’re forcing the future on this and in treating the live experience not quite like cable and extending beyond that.

But I think they should make that a little bit more familiar to people, then they are for forty dollars, you definitely get a lot of stuff, as you can see, there are a bunch of channels including things like NBC Sports Chicago which is not on every streaming network, but at the same time, it’s got a long way to go, I paid for one month of it to try it out, I don’t know if they have a trial, I guess my expectations were a lot higher on it, so that’s my thoughts about YouTube TV app.

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