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Description: This passage is mainly focusing on the tutorial of the Ancestry DNA test and the results of the author which indicates what different regions of his descent are

Ancestry DNA has a sale recently, they took ten percent off. So I’m going to try this product.

First, we open the box and it’s a little welcome letter, there’s also a booklet which gives you some instructions for activating and collecting your sample, then there’s a collection bag which you have to return later and there are a few tubes.

Here are the collection sample items, so I went online to activate my account, now I’m on to filling the tube with saliva, make sure there aren’t any bubbles in the saliva. Now I have to replace the funnel with the cap. Now I try it tightly and the blue solution went in, I have to release the fluid, it says that shake the tube for at least 5 seconds, and the solution is mixed with the saliva. Now put the tube in the collection bag, and my sample has been sealed in this collection. I’m going to use the box that they gave us to mail it off.

Here what you see are my ancestry DNA results, and this is one of the main pages you are going to see when you open the account and click on the DNA tab it has an ethnicity estimate and as you see, I’m 25% Cameroon Congo, 18% Ivory Coast Ghana, 14% in Togo, so those are my highest percentages. On the right side you see the DNA matches, I have to block it out for privacy because I don’t have permission to print their or show their faces, but these are some of the matches that I had in my account.

Now this next shot here is more of a breakdown of details, it shows you a map of the areas that they are found. Then this is a hunter-gatherer, when you click on the different regions, it’ll show you more information and some history on those.

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