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AncestryDNA Sisters Search For Their Long Lost Brother Activate

Description: The article talks about ancestrydna activate. It mainly refers to the background information about a big family, the sisters wondered whether they still had a lost brother, then they tried to search for him, the article shows us how they found the brother and some details about why he was abandoned and why he did not live with them.

He’s got to exist, don’t even want to think about if he doesn’t exist, sisters Lauren in-page a part of a big family, but have always known their little brother Jack who is missing from their lives mystery of it, it could be anyone I wouldn’t know.

If he walked past me now, Jack, it’s a half-brother on their dad’s side, their dad left their family when Lauren was four and Paige was two, when I got to about six or seven, I want to meet my dad, my mom called him up and we went to see him on Sundays, he had a girlfriend, her name was Natalie and she was pregnant.

Their dad and pregnant Natalie split up shortly after their visit, the sisters heard she moved to another town and had a baby boy Jack while Lauren and Paige are close to their dad, they do have great relationships with all their brothers and sisters families for the most important thing.

I would say Lauren and Paige are using the ancestry DNA test in case, he’s registered on a database, but there’s no one registered that could be their half-brother Jack, they do have an online birth certificate, they first found three years ago, that is the one that we think is definitely him, but Paige isn’t so sure, do definitely note some 1997.

My last friend Adam is asking to double check, this is the first time the sisters have ever questioned Jack’s date of birth with their father, what he reveals changes everything, so I asked when Jack was born, he said he would be about seventeen and a half, I’ve been doing all these years that we’ve been holed up, it’s more annoying, because it feels like now, I took a step back Lauren and Paige needs help from one of our genealogists Olivia.

They searched in the ancestry database for the right certificate, so we’ve got 27 results, 27 results is a big search, the reality of the sisters search is sinking in it, it is not part of the 27, we know what to do Lauren and pages search for.

Jack is underway, it was a tough search, but the only one that had Natalie as a mother is that the sisters have Jack’s real birth certificate, jack has said he’d like to meet them both DNA tests have confirmed that Jack’s definitely their half-brother, it’s a lot to take in, we’ve been looking for you for so long, so how long have you known about Jack?

You left pregnant, so we’ve always known that as soon as I was old enough to search, do you have more proposing sisters? We’re part of a big family as well, stay your middle, maybe you can not do that, I’m eating Lauren and Paige was exciting overwhelming, but it was nice to see that they still cared all ears and that they tried finding me and that’s important to us, we would have kept going until we found him and we’re glad we have now.

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