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How I Activate My Ancestry DNA and Increase My Light

Description: This passage is going to share with you the methods of activating DNA and increase my light which is considered to as the genetic blueprint of life in the scientific community.

I’m going to be sharing with you one of my favorite methods of activating my DNA. The DNA is considered by many in the scientific community as the genetic blueprint of life.

This DNA molecule is shaped like a spiral staircase, it’s a double helix. It is said that these two active DNA strands in this physical material realm and then this 10 invisible could quote strand of DNA in other realms that you cannot see, so in total there’s 12 DNA strands they are multi-dimensional. So it indicates that we maybe a multi-dimensional being, we may also be on other realms.

I can see the multi-dimensional connect 12 strands of DNA perfectly and it is exploding into the thirteenth strand and into infinity, it is a perfect vision because you know that there are two strands that are active in our physical being and ten strands that are active in other realms, they are working together to activate my consciousness and accelerate the level of spiritual evolution in my life. So let me tell you another reason why this DNA activation thrilled me so much, because the DNA contains instructions of how ourselves need to function.

This was of my own DNA activation it is something that I love to occasionally do in my life. This double helixes of the DNA remember everything in visualization and keep it in memory, so when the sun comes in with its intensity, you’ve wake up.

With this process of my DNA activation meditation, I can see myself enjoying my life as a higher consciousness, at the end of the day, I shall remember and discover means and ways of how life works for us in a way that allows us to bring from deep within us the truth of who we are and when we meet problems, we know that there’s lots of assistance from other realms coming to us.

When I see my DNA, I know that I’m the creator of my life, I can shape it and I can take control of it.

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