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How to Tutorial Ancestry DNA at

Description: This article is mainly focusing on the introduction of the steps that you are going to take on the ancestry DNA test.

I’m doing it on the ancestry DNA, going to find out my genealogy I’m going to show you basically how it works with the steps that you’re going to need to take.

Once you open the box, you’re going to see welcome note, first you’re going to activate online and gather the DNA sample. In this box, there’s a pamphlet and the DNA thing that you’re gonna put your spit in, this is the collection bag, so this is where you’re going to put your DNA, put it inside this box and send it back.

Now we will go online, to the address listed on here, you’re going to put the activation code that is listed on the collection tube. I’m going to take the collection tube out of the package, and you are going to fill it with your saliva, make sure there aren’t any bubbles in the saliva, don’t have lipstick on while you are doing this.

Don’t overfill it, make sure the saliva is at the black part and replace the funnel with the cap. Take it and squeeze it, make the blue go to the bottom, now shake it for five seconds, make sure that your sample mixes thoroughly with the stabilized solution, then you are done.

Remember to put these two into the collection bag, seal it. Then in a few weeks, you will receive the result.

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