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I am so excited to be filming this video. I’ve been anticipating this video for almost exactly two and a half weeks, now I’ll tell you why this video is late. I’m working with a really cool company called 23 and me and they are a personal genetic service, which was created to help people understand their ancestry genetic traits and health by analyzing your DNA in the name 23andme comes from.

The fact is that human DNA is categorized into 23 pairs of chromosomes. Now the reason I’m so excited about this video is because of two things: one, I’m going to find out what my ancestry is. Now I think I’m 100% Chinese.

Because my parents are Chinese, my grandparents are Chinese, their parents are Chinese, but the people are 23. I mean they told me that I might be surprised, because I might be like a 1% something else or 1/8 something else.

I don’t know, so I’m curious to see what other blood is in here besides. Also, what’s really incredibly cool and I’m so excited about this is that whatever I discover, my incest tree is 23andme and it is going to send me there. So I’m going to travel there, I don’t know 1% Japanese or something, they’ll send me to Japan to reconnect with my roots, reconnect with the culture.

I didn’t know I was a part of the reasons. I’ve been anticipating this for the last two-and-a-half weeks, it was because as soon as I came back from Thailand, I got the kit in the mail and we do as well. You might not want to look at this.

I thought it’s going to be like a cheek swab with a q-tip, with a lot of spit did. I sent the spit bag, and this is the first time in my life ever since spit in the mail. I sent a spit back to them for analysis and two and a half weeks later, this report came this morning. So what I see here is that I got five ancestry reports, I have four reports on genetic health risk, 22 reports on traits, eight reports on wellness, and I don’t know what DNA relatives are.

So I’m going to participate in that as well. If there’s a lobster, this is so cool. DNA relatives compare my DNA with other 23andme customers, and see if I dream in it to anybody. If you should do these, if you’re related, I’m going to start on that right now.

It says DNA relatives, please note that you may discover unexpected information in DNA relatives, don’t comment unexpected relationship, may be identified that could affect you or your family. This is like if I find out that, my girlfriend and I are related. Let’s just go ahead and do this before I find out.

If I have any other distant cousins anywhere on the 23andme family, this is a big honor, unveil, this is what I’m going to find out right now about anything besides a hundred percent full-blooded Chinese. So I’m clicking on my ancestry report and it says no, I’m only 82% Chinese. Look at me, I have always wondered. Because a lot of times when I travel to where I meet people that don’t know me, they ask if I’m like Kai or Mongolian, because I don’t really look like a Chinese.

I don’t know I’m more Kai which is really crazy. I’m 82.7% Chinese which is really surprising, because I thought and most I’d be like maybe 1% something else combined. I would be 99% Chinese, but I’m 82 points. That means I’m almost 1/4 something else, click on the incest recomposition, no bloody way. I’m part European foot, I’m point five percent European, and they are like Alexander. It likes marry my great-great grandmother or something.

This is the crazy thing. Obviously, it is my line. Up my point five percent European heritage, I’m less than one percent southern European, which means I’m from my ancestors’ long time ago. I don’t know we’re from Italy, so that is why I love pasta so much less than point one percent Jewish.

I am broadly European 0.4% broadly European, no wonder I could do a perfect British accent, although my friends disagree. I’m point five percent European, I’m zero percent South Asian, and I am a 99.1 percent East Asian and Native American. So this is a big break down right here, this is the part that really surprised me.

I’m 82.7% Chinese, and I’m the eight percent eight point four percent Korean. No I mean nothing against Koreans. I love kimchi and Korean barbecue, I’m almost ten percent Korean, which is really surprising.

I figure if I was other type of Asian, I will be Mongolian, because I feel very Mongolian, it’s like I love barbecue, lamb, shish and kebabs. I feel like I am also like a Mongolian. So I am 0.8% Mongolian, so I’m almost 1% Mongolian, I’m less than 0.1% Japanese.

But I cannot believe I’m a lot Korean. I am less than 0.1% Native American. I don’t know why, because I think my parents were the first ones to make the voyage over the oceans. I am also less than 0.1% Middle Eastern North African. I can see that and point three percent is on a sign, do I look like Korean? I mean I watch a lot of Korean dramas, and I make fun of how the Koreans look like sometimes. But I never thought I look like that.

Is there any Korean features? I guess I can choose, I can travel to any of these countries and explore the culture. I didn’t feel like I was a part of it, but now I mean I got narrow it down. I mean China, I’ve been there, identify a lot with the Chinese culture. So I guess here my largest matches besides Chinese is Korean and Mongolian. So I guess I’m either going to Korea or Mongolia.

I think I would really want to go to Mongolia, because I hvae never been to Mongolia. If not, I’m going back to Korea as a Korean. I’ll let you know, make sure you watch the next video. Because in the next video, you will see I’m going to be traveling and I’ll announce exactly where I’m traveling to.

But it is shocked and it tells you this reported are crazy, this is why it is the best, this best partner I’ve ever had on a sponsor. This is the coolest video I’ve ever done and it tells you where my 8.4 percent of Korean incision came from my mom or my dad had to order a kit for my mom or dad to find out.

I can do that later. I just can’t believe I’m on point five percent European, that’s like astonishing to me, that must be literally, that Alexander the great army. I have like ancestor dads in his army, because those are two usually did the Europeans who went to Asia or Marco Polo. So I learned that I do not need a visa to go to Mongolia. So there’s a 99% chance, I am going to Mongolia, but let’s check out the rest of this report which is fascinating to me. I’m going to look at my sense of taste and smell, so it says here your genes may help to explain why you can smell certain things out while some people can’t.

Why you prefer certain tastes over other people to get a flavor of your DNA? It says that I prefer salty which doesn’t say anything about spicy, let’s go to facial features cleft chin. I don’t think I had that dimple, I don’t have that, and it is that dark brown eyes. They also tell you your earwax type, which didn’t know there was a type of your wax physical response voltaic sneeze Michael.

You’re not likely to sneeze when suddenly exposed to mark, something like that. I did not even know about myself, but thank you for that. It says that I’m likely to have an alcohol flush reaction, I don’t shrink. So I guess I don’t know caffeine consumption, it says that I’m likely to consume less, which is true?

I don’t drink caffeine is likely to be a deep sleeper. I’m a pretty deep sleeper, but I also wake up really easily muscle composition common in elite power athletes. Thank You 23andme, I concur that we determined my physical characteristics and where my ancestors are from. I’m going to find out there are people related to me on this database.

And it is showing that 78 DNA relatives, 78 people who are related to me. Let’s see about how much locate your DNA relatives. Let’s do world map. There most of my relatives are in the United States, but let’s get back to the more important thing. I’m 8.4 percent Korea and 0.8% Mongolian, so it’s like I mentioned before, I’m either going to Korea or Mongolia.

I’m choosing Mongolia. I’ve never been there before, and I’m so excited about it. So I guess I’m going to go pack to my bags, because I’m going in a few days and here’s the most exciting part. 23andme is giving away 23 trips to twenty three winners between July 12th and August 3rd.

The destination will depend on the winners’ 23andme ancestry composition results and to enter all you got to do is to buy a 23mm, it’s where he can enter for free online. If you win and a guest will have round-trip airfare five nice hotel accommodations, daily spending money with a total value of up to $20,000.

For more information, check out this link right here slash Mikey chin. I’m also going to put the link for you in my description box. This is really interesting. I guess I’ll see you in either Mongolia or Korea. Bye.

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