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My Ancestry DNA Test Results

Description: The article concentrates on the topic about ancestry DNA activate. The author is willing to share with us about the final results of his ancestry DNA test, we can see some detailed information about the analysis of his parts in DNA and the factors that might contain in the original background of his DNA.

I’m finally about to look at my results and I am excited and nervous, so I’m going to go to DNA, the results summary, so there’s a pie and it says I’m 33% benign, so go 25% southeastern bantu and 50% Mali with 11 more regions.

So I’m like a huge chunk of bonito and I have a hundred and fourteen fourth cousins, so that’s 114 people that match with me, you can see that it is full of ethnicity estimate DNA circles, I got DNA circles, what is this? These people are already in your family tree, I look at these later, I got two circles.

I am 82 percent African, 13% bonito, go 25 percent African eastern band to southeastern bantu and 15% Mali, I got a trace regions, four percent, are we close? Ghana, three percent of Senegal and two percent Cameroon Congo, they got to be circled and things colored in some way.

When it says o average in southeastern bantu, so that’s like South Africa Kenya, but the the largest one is bending Togo, so I’m the name Togo, so also in Nigeria Ghana and Mali, it tells you the UM the history, so typically a native would be in the 80 to 82 percent range.

I’m 33, I go the next one, I am less than one percent Asian, Tracy regions is Asia South, I knew it, but it’s less than one percent, so Asian style is India Pakistan Nepal Bangladesh, this mob is still like that, that’s so cool.

My next one is 16% Europe, I’m 4% Great Britain which is England, Scotland and Wales also found in Ireland, that’s like a huge part, but I am like the dark man, like the little color thing is dark in the United Kingdom also fun and Ireland, France, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and Italy, 4% Scandinavian, 3% year of West.

That’s huge, when they cut this huge one, I’m definitely up in there, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, I thought Ireland would be like the top percentage of my European, but it’s only 2%, there’s always some percent, I got 2% Iberian, Peninsula, Spain and Portugal, Italy and Algeria .

Then the last one is less than 1% Finland and Northwest Russia and then I have less than 1% Pacific Islander less than 1% Melanesia, Fiji and Aboriginal Australia, so I’m 82 percent African, so excited, I’m 82 percent African.

I have no Native American which I can understand, I’m Asian 1%, but I am African, that is my highest one and I’m like smack dab in between Nigeria and Ghana like up in there, I’m in there, this is cool, southeastern bantu Mali, so I wonder what that thing is with it, that was exciting, so I’m going to upload these to Jett match and see something more I could find.

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