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If this is your first time, welcome to my channel. Today, I am sharing with you my ancestry DNA results. If you want to know who I am, you got to stay tuned, but I’ve always known that I was an African princess and this is just further proving that I took my ancestry DNA results about five weeks ago.

I took them while I was home in Chicago for the holiday, and I was so excited to do this or do black people believe that we are descendants of American Indians, so I’ve always thought that. But I soon learned that most African Americans, most black people have a really small percentage of American Indian in their ancestry, so when I got my results back on this past Thursday, I was scared to open them, because I didn’t know what it was going to tell me for 27 years.

All I knew was I was black and I might have Indian in my blood, that’s why my hair looks like this jokes. But I always knew I was black and I didn’t know anything more. So I went through and I ordered the DNA kit, it was 89.99 and it has to pay nine dollars for shipping the kit that to my mom’s house in about four days after I ordered it.

All you have to do is to collect your saliva in a little test tube and I actually had footage of this, but I don’t know where it is. So we’re going to go on without it, so you collect your saliva, you set it off and within six to eight weeks, ancestry will email you your results.

So on Thursday morning, I got that email set out at my computer my Face Time. My mother and I looked at my result, and I was really surprised about what I saw in the case of 27 year old. Maryland, her DNA proves that she is 82%, hardly 82 percent connected to the continent of Africa.

I really thought the numbers to be a lot lower within that 82%, though the percentages are really small. So I have 19 percent Mali, 17 percent Cameroon Congo, 14 percent Ivory, Coast Ghana 12 percent, Togo nine percent, Nigeria three percent African South Central hunter-gatherers seven percent, Senegal and 1% or less than one percent Africa southeastern, bantu 82 percent ethnicity traced to the continent of Africa 16 percent is traced to Europe.

So within that 16 percent, I have five percent Western Europe, four percent Ireland, four percent Eastern Europe and three percent Great Britain, which means there are only two percent left. And when I saw the 2 percent, I was like that’s not at all.

What was I expecting? So the last 2 percent of my ancestry DNA is Asia and it is Central Asia, we are talking about the stands Pakistan, Afghanistan context. And so I don’t know what this means for me, it doesn’t change anything.

I’m not going to go and with my 19 said Molly go to Molly. I’m not going to walk around, and say I’m 82% from the continent of Africa. I know the African Diaspora, I’m still me, I’m still them, South Side of Chicago. But it helps you to understand things, so I’ve always known that because of my skin color that I’ve had a connection to mother.

But now I get to see it be quantified, I don’t really know what that means for me. If I were to go to these countries, they would still see me as a black American and there’s nothing wrong with that. Because I don’t understand that culture, I don’t assimilate to that culture.

But I respect it and appreciate it, because it is essentially part of who I am. So please comment if you’ve ran your DNA and what did it say? Were you surprised? Were you happy? Did you like to wait a minute? I know I’m something and it’s missing that thumbs up the video. If you like it, please hit subscribe button.

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