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Cuban Ancestry DNA Results Are In! (#23andMe)

Today we’re going to throw it way back to my ancestry. I know a long time ago, I posted a photo of the 23andme kit, but it’ll apparently take me many months to get around to spit in a tube and ship it. See I’m a go-getter type-a, but sometimes I procrastinate.

I just received the email and the results to see where I come from. Now, I’ve always had an idea, both sides of my family were born and raised in Cuba, many generations, a lot of Spain. I think my great-grandfather on my dad’s side was French. I have an idea which isn’t a surprise. I’m apparently 95.5% European, I’m not a peon, and you are a peon. Let’s explore that because that’s apparently or most of meat comes from.

40.9% Iberian, 2.3% Italian and then 38.4% broadly southern European. Next, we’ve got 9.5% North Western European and this is where I’m a little shocked: 2.8 percent British and Irish whoa. I was not expecting it. Because my great grandfather is on my dad’s side, who was friends and then just 4.4%.

Next, we’ve got East Asian and Native American, so that’s my second strongest background, so Native American 1.1%, so the native peoples of the American have contributed genetically to today’s populations in North Central and South America. And then we’ve got East Asian less than 0.1%.

We’ve got Middle Eastern and North African 0.3%, so I got 0.1% North African and 0.1% broadly Middle Eastern and North African. And then I’ve got 0.2% sub-Saharan African and then I got two point seven percent unassigned. There’s a wide range of human diversity out there. And sometimes our algorithm is unable to assign a region of DNA to a specific population, so there’s one thing where they try to track down your Neanderthal ancestry. Apparently, I paired with one of the chromosomes for my height.

So when people see me in person for the first time, the first thing that comes out of their mouths is oh my god, you’re so much smaller in person roaming. I mean that I’m not offended, like I’m a tiny person. I’m five foot zero perfect height to play Mickey Mouse at the theme parks.

I have 246 Neanderthal variants, and you have one Neanderthal variant associated with your height, which is so exciting. Next time someone comments on my height, I’d be like it, because I’m a Neanderthal, I’m looking at the science section of this part right about my height, and says the variant detected. It’s the gene called MEA f6 and the trait is for height.

So I received a Neanderthal copy from one of my parents, this was part of the results that came back my maternal haplogroup never heard of this before, who descends from a long line of women that can be traced back to Eastern Rica over 150 thousand years ago.

These are the women of your maternal line, so my maternal haplogroup is b2 which is actually a branch of haplogroup b4, which spread northward through East Asia, perhaps along the coast, the common ancestor of haplogroup. B2 is likely born in the northeastern reaches of Siberia nearly 17,000 years ago. This is so interesting, there’s a cool section that it shows you your ancestry timeline.

I’m really glad I did this. I think it’s important for people to trace back their ancestry especially because we’re living at a time where everyone hates on each other based on their skin color and their ethnicity, and we all see the news every day.

And we see every other day a video that some people fight against others whatever on a subway or at a mall just berating the other person based on their skin color or their language or their ethnicity nationality. There is absolutely no way that any of us are a pure-bred of any kind.

I think people just see their lineage and then stop right at their great-grandparents, and that’s about it. And it’s like who made your great-grandparents and who made them. I had a very small percentage of African and Native American and even Middle Eastern. But it’s still in my DNA.

So someone at some point came from these regions and led to me you wouldn’t be here. It wasn’t for this lineage of people that procreated to get you here. So I am super European and it looks like I’m going to plan a trip to Europe to give my federated DNA test.

What do you think she is? Some people say Min Pin Chihuahua Max. I have better hair all over me, so have you ever done an ancestry test like this? If so, what is your background? And if you haven’t, have you been dying to learn about your background? Let’s talk about it in the comments below. Maybe some of us are long-lost Primo’s and prima Eeny Meeny, meaning it is Halloween time.

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