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The Results of My Ancestry DNA at Ancestrydna Com Activate. Com

Welcome back to my channel, today I am still making a highly requested video, which is my ancestry DNA result. I tweeted that I submitted my DNA after spitting in this little tube to get my results. I’ve been getting countless comments and tweets like sharing with your results, so I would be share my result, they send you back your percentage of each leg region and stuff.

I first saw this is a line, I will show I was like my whole life’s a lie. But after I started reading more into it, it does provide you with a lot of historical information and just like explanations for everything.

I realize how much this actually makes sense, that’s probably my first comment or question is that what your ethnicity is, or where you are from. I identify myself as Persian, and I mean my name is Persian ass, so identify myself as Persian. But many of you asked me how my parents speak Arabic and that is not a normal thing like the product typical thing for a person to be able to do.

It’s actually very rare for a Persian to speak Arabic or even be into Arab culture. Honestly, I don’t feel like to be a true Persian, I also feel like an Arab purchase, like hybrid mix. My parents grew up in southwestern Evon towards the border with it all or Iraq. I guess that all Americans pronounce it, but this is on the Suzy doll.

So it’s next to each other, as my parents grew up literally in a city like on the border, so where my parents grew up, they mainly spoke Arabic, they don’t speak Farsi, that’s why my family has so much like air defenses. We speak a lot of language and we have a lot of influences in our life, that’s not a typical thing for most prisons.

So I was at Comic with your air or your Kurdish or your Persian. Why do you take on Latina? I’m lying in the soul though that’s the explanation of how my parents speak Arabic and stuff. So we are Persian, but we have a lot of Arab influences, a lot of Kurdish groups, but on Iranian creed, those like credit, that is separated into four countries—Iran, Syria and Lebanon. I believe, but we have a lot of Iranian Kurd roots and that’s why my family and I have an accent.

When we speak Farsi, we have a different party accent than a typical Persian, because we speak Arabic as well. And people tell me I have occurred accent when I speak Farsi. I came to America when I was 2. So I grew up, I learned English in school and stuff, I mean at home the first few years of my life.

Obviously, we spoke Farsi at home, but once I started going to school in America, I just predominantly spoke English, apparently speak Arabic. My parents also speak Romanian because that’s where I was born. That’s all over the place.

I was brought up in Romania, probably just be confused a bunch of you especially tune into my channel, but I’m not Romanian, so I was born in Romania. My sister Yasmin was actually born in Romania as well, so what happened?

My parents were born it on, my brother was born indeed on and then my dad. So I took all of them and moved over to Romania in Europe to study dentistry, I mean that’s a normal thing to do. If you’re from the Middle East , it was to go to Europe for college and stuff, so they went over there to study dentistry and that’s where my sister and I were born.

So when I was about two years old and Jasna was about eight years old, they almost went to America and we came to Ohio, which is the place where we live now. So I got this a little bit of back story.

Now I’m going to pull up my ancestry result, I can’t find it for some reason results. If I can’t find it, I’m literally going to cry. I thought I lost it for a second, but I’m just going to pull it up. I’ll also insert a picture on the screen of what comes up. So this is where I was.

As you see, it says an 11% Middle Eastern, what do you mean? It says I’m 76 percent Caucasus, a lot of percent middle-east and 13% other reaches region. I know when I saw that 76% Caucasus or whatever I was like, because I identify myself as Middle Eastern. It says primary located in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Eagle Syria and Turkey.

So after I read that, I think that makes sense. But the thing is that I consider those countries like Iran etal, Syria. I consider that Middle East, that’s the Middle East. But for some reason, this has been considering at the Middle East, but caucuses was also found in Bulgaria, Jordan, Greece, Italy, Kuwait, Palestine, Romania.

I was born in Romania and it is hurt medicine. But see Kuwait, Palestine, Jordan, I consider those countries Middle East. So I mean even though this is saying I’m only 11% Middle Eastern those countries that listed in the 76 percent, I consider that Middle Eastern and then also as you can see Iran, it also goes at the two countries.

I mainly like to associate myself with, so don’t surprise me there because that’s what I thought. I was the darkest blue. What I mainly am into the dark, like the darkest country toileted or Iran II love Syria Azerbaijan and there’s so much historical information they can read about this.

Location has made the area of homeland for some of the world’s most famous civilizations and empires like Cyrus, the gray expanded from his territories, from his home indeed on to create the powerful Persian Empire, who aspires so great with a handsome man.

Look at that, so I took on the 11% Middle Eastern tab, saying primarily located in Syria, Iran, Saudi, and Arabia, Jordan, Oman, Yemen, United Arab, Emirates, the UAE, Lebanon, Israel, Iran and Pakistan, all of the Middle East at highlighted Pia. This is saying 76 and this 11 percent above button.

No, I’m Middle Eastern, and I don’t care what this says. Now it’s saying of 8% Italy and Greece where did that come from, something located in the south of Europe against the Mediterranean Sea. This region gave rise to some of the world’s most iconic and powerful cultures in the Western world.

I’m eight percent Greek, but that’s a very low amount. So those are my ancestry DNA results, I got my little boy because a lot of other ones that I watched people were from so many different regions and it was so interesting to see. But I feel as mine is pretty boring, but I hope you enjoy it.

It didn’t tell me anything new, I mean the Italian and Greek part was pretty surprising. But overall, the main countries highlighted are like what I identified myself. So it wasn’t that big of a realization or anything I didn’t know. But I hope you enjoy this video, be sure to give me a thumbs up and subscribe for more videos. Be sure to subscribe to my sister and I swap channels down below.

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